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actin auto loading controllers for hapi projects

catbox Multi-strategy object caching service

connect-airbrake airbrake app middleware for Connect

flod Node.js Web Framework benchmarking tool

flod-webservers test files for use with flod

generator-hapi A Hapi.js generator for Yeoman

handlersocket mongodb-like interface to mysql handlersocket

hapi HTTP Server framework

hapi-1.0.0-benchmark ERROR: No file found!

hoek General purpose node utilities

itertools functions for efficient looping (port of python's itertools)

joi Object schema validation

kali improved cluster (multi-cpu) interface

mitosis reserving name for future project

mongobus MongoDB as a Message Bus

multitool swiss army knife of useful javascript functions

nitrous Rapid web development framework created for and used by

node-hydra better multi-cpu for node.js

passport-debug Simple, unobtrusive authentication for Node.js.

polyhydra nodejs multiprocessing framework

redsplit Helper functions for splitting redis host strings into usable JavaScript objects

travelogue hapi passport.js integration helper

yar Cookie jar plugin

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