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assertvanish assert that an object will vanish

astjourney It's a long journey, but on your way, you'll meet all the JS AST nodes.

audionode Mix and distribute audio in node :)

bloodhound Just find the calls to require(). All of them.

cempl8 JS macros, simple or complex

clarinet SAX based evented streaming JSON parser in JavaScript (browser and node)

colorhash Make blue midnight color hashes from the full visible spectrum

complex-search Search for stuff with &, | and parens

coolmonitor Monitor your server in the terminal, just with curl! (with colors)

dev-warnings Additional warnings for standard functions

dumb-pgm Simple PGM reader and writer

features per-file switchable code pre-transformations

halfstreamxml converts a stream of XML to a stream of objects

huffman Generate Huffman codes from symbols and probabilities

hungarian-magic hungarian typechecking magic

ignoring-deep-equals Check equalness ignoring a specific path in the objects

jsos JavaScript Object Stream - make objects from stuff inside a JSON stream

linkify Put links in pure text!

nacl Networking and Cryptography library bindings - high-speed, high-security, easy-to-use crypto library

protect-fs Sneaky nullbytes, be gone!

ram-static Serve a bunch of small static files from RAM (with forever-caching and invocation-specific URLs)

relax Just relax, like you should with couch!

vacuum Clean streamed templates (primarily for HTML)

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