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1t Ensures that only one instance of your module exists either serverside or in the browser.

anchor-markdown-header Generates an anchor for a markdown header.

ansicolors Functions that surround a string with ansicolor codes so it prints in color.

ansistyles Functions that surround a string with ansistyle codes so it prints in style.

apply-transform Applies a transform to an input string and calls back with result, mostly useful for testing transforms

appup CLI to launch apps that use an express main server and an optional restif api server.

async-through Readable stream that ensures that onend is only called once no ondata items are pending, thus supporting async operations inside ondata.

asyncreduce Reduce an array of values via an asynchronous function.

bconfig Structures a requirejs config into shim and remote objects to easier interface with browserify.

bestfit Finds image rendition that best fits a given container.

brace browserify compatible version of the ace editor.

bromote Tool to setup and require remote scripts with browserify.

browser-dedupe Dedupes packages with identical names and version numbers match based on a given requirement.

browserify-ftw Upgrade your app from requireJS AMD to commonJS module format via an automated refactor step in order to browserify it.

browserify-shim Makes CommonJS-incompatible modules browserifyable.

browserify-swap A transform that swaps out modules according to a config in your package.json selected via an environment variable.

bunyan-format Writable stream that formats bunyan records that are piped into it.

caching-coffeeify A coffeeify version that caches previously compiled coffee-script to optimize the coffee-script compilation step.

cardinal Syntax highlights JavaScript code with ANSI colors to be printed to the terminal.

chunk-rate-readable Measures the rate at which a given stream emits data chunks and streams the result.

coffeeify-redux browserify v2 plugin to compile coffee-script automatically using the coffee-script-redux compiler

combine-source-map Add source maps of multiple files, offset them and then combine them into one source map

commandify Executes a command whenever the bundle is created.

configurate Set up workflow to load existing or default config, allow user to edit it and then serializes it to disk.

convert-source-map Converts a source-map from/to different formats and allows adding/changing properties.

cursor-back Ensures that you get your cursor back when a program that hides it ends, no matter how.

d3-gauge Gauge visualization built on top of d3.

d3-gauge-writable d3 gauge with a writable stream API so you can pipe into it.

deduper Dedupes packages with identical names and version numbers match based on a given requirement.

deep-is node's assert.deepEqual algorithm except for NaN being equal to NaN

deli Dedupes a package and links one of its dependent packages to an implementation outside of the package's directory tree.

dev-null /dev/null for node streams

dockerify Prepares any tarball containing a project so that a docker image can be built from it.

dockerify-github-repo Given a github repository url, returns a tar stream for each release with Dockerfile injected that can be piped into docker to create an image.

dockops docker convenience functions on top of dockerode

docmac Install docker on Mac including VirtualBox and boot2docker dependencies with one simple command.

docme Generates github compatible API documentation from your project's jsdocs and adds them to your Readme.

doctoc Generates TOC for markdown files of local git repo.

dog Developer blOG, markdown based, made to be simple and fast, yet feature rich.

dynamic-dedupe Dedupes node modules as they are being required which works even when dependencies are linked via ln -s or npm link.

es6ify browserify v2 transform to compile (ES6) to JavaScript.current (ES5) on the fly.

exorcist Externalizes the source map found inside a stream to an external `` file

exposify browserify transform that exposes globals added via a script tag as modules so they can be required.

extend-url Splits a url into its parts and adds or replaces items found in the parts of another url.

fetchncache Fetches a resource from a server and stores it inside a redis cache and the next time it grabs it from there

find-parent-dir Finds the first parent directory that contains a given file or directory.

findex Indexes locations of functions inside a project by the md5 hash of the function string to find them later.

floodgate Throttles a stream to pass one value per given interval.

format-json-stream Formats a JSON stream to make it more readable by adding proper indentation and newlines.

function-comment Given some JavaScript and the line on which a function is defined it returns comments and jsdocs found right above that function.

generate-sourcemap Generates a source map for files that were packed into a bundle.

get-style-property Gets the current value of a style property for a given DOM element.

gist-files-content Given JSON returned by a github containing particular gist information it returns its files content.

gitify Tool to create a remote github repository and add and push content to it.

hermit Prints html in the terminal using colors and simple layout to reflect the document structure.

hotplates Compiles and stores handlebars templates and registers partials for faster view resolution.

hypernal Renders terminal output as html to simplify reusing server side modules in the browser.

hyperwatch Streams server side log messages to the browser and renders them inside your page.

inline-source-map Adds source mappings and base64 encodes them, so they can be inlined in your generated file.

inspect-stream Inspects a nodejs stream 2+ and logs the data that's coming through.

jsdoc-githubify A transform that adapts html files generated with jsdoc to be rendered in a github wiki or readme.

kebab Half queue half pubsub. Super small (< 30 loc) and simple queue that supports subscribers.

level-batcher stream designed for leveldb that you write objects to, and it emits batches of objects that are under a byte size limit

level-dump Dumps all values and/or keys of a level db or a sublevel to the console.

level-json-edit Taking editing json to the next level with multilevel.

load-css Dynamically loads CSS into the document head.

log-request Small wrapper around npmlog that logs http requests in nice colors.

lver Returns latest published version of a given npm package.

map-object map over the key-value pairs of an object

match-token Given a string and a position, it finds the position of the token matching the one at the given position.

minimal-queue Minimal FIFO queue implementation to be used for simple concurrency limiting scenarios.

mold-source-map Mold a source map that is almost perfect for you into one that is.

mothership Helps a module find its package.json mothership.

mutiny Recursively mutates files in a given directory.

namespace-css Namespaces all rules found in a CSS file to make them only apply to a subset of the page.

nebraska Streams the state of another stream.

nest-stream Stream that allows nesting another stream for each value of the outer stream and streams the flattened result.

node-syntaxhighlighter Node friendly version of Alex Gorbachev's great SyntaxHighlighter.

node-traceur Mirror of experimental ES6 to ES5 compiler that is kept in sync with code on google.

npmatchub Attempts to match npm users who failed to provide their github name with a github account and do the same for their npm packages.

parse-base64vlq-mappings Parses out base64 VLQ encoded mappings.

parse-key Parses strings into key objects of the same format as the ones emitted by nodejs readline.

parse-link-header Parses a link header and returns paging information for each contained link.

peacock JavaScript syntax highlighter that generates pygments compatible html and therefore supports pygments styles.

promfig Completes a given config by prompting the user for the missing properties.

proxyquire Proxies nodejs require in order to allow overriding dependencies during testing.

proxyquireify Proxies browserify's require in order to allow overriding dependencies during testing.

prune-html Given an html string it removes elements matching CSS selector(s) and returns the pruned html string.

pygmentsjs Python server and JavaScript client talking via stdin/stdout to highlight code using the pygments highlighter.

readarepo Convert a git repo into an Html5 app to read offline in any browser anywhere.

readarepo-zip Convert a git repo to zipped up html to read anywhere.

readdirp Recursive version of fs.readdir with streaming api.

readline-matchtoken Adds token matching to nodejs readline and visualizes it by jumping the cursor to it à la emacs.

readline-testharness Harness for testing modules that add functionality to the nodejs readline.

readline-vim Adds vim bindings to nodejs readline.

redeyed Takes JavaScript code, along with a config and returns the original code with tokens wrapped as configured.

rename-function-calls Renames functions calls, but leaves function definitions unchanged.

render-routes Give it a routes object and it spits out html that you can load into your browser.

replpad Pipes content of files to a node repl whenever they change and adds many more features to enable a highly interactive coding experience.

request-all-pages Requests all pages of paginated data and emits them into a stream or aggregates them into an array.

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