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exec-pool Pooled exec()

exif-component Client-side EXIF parser

exif-rotate Rotate an image based on its Orientation EXIF tag

exif2 EXIF extraction with exiftool

express Sinatra inspired web development framework

express-configure Express async configuration support

express-contrib Express utilities

express-expose Expose helpers and local variables to the client-side

express-generator Express' application generator

express-jstrace jstrace middleware for express

express-messages Express flash notification message rendering

express-namespace Express namespaced routes extension

express-params Express param functions

express-resource Resourceful routing for express

express-set Set Express headers via middleware

express-trace Express tracer and middleware profiler

expresso TDD framework, light-weight, fast, CI-friendly

favicon-component Dynamic favicon replacement component

file-component File & FileReader wrappers

filter-component dynamic dom node filtering

finished Execute a callback when a request closes, finishes, or errors

flip-component Canvas flip utility

focus Image focal point detection

format-parser Declarative format parser for declarative template engines

forward-events forward events from one emitter to another

fps-component fps counter

fresh HTTP response freshness testing

fullscreen-component Fullscreen api

gesture-component Higher level gesture API built on hammer.js

gh-lookup github project release semver lookup

gh-releases github project releases

gh2 little github client

gify Convert videos to animated gifs

github-url-from-git Parse a github git url and return the github repo url

gm-exif Read EXIF with graphicsmagick

graphicsmagick2 Bindings to the graphicsmagick library

group-by Group an array by property values or callback

growl Growl unobtrusive notifications

hamljs Faster / Express compliant Haml implementation

has-canvas-jpeg Has Canvas toDataURL() JPEG support

head file head sync and async

histogram-component Image histograms

history-component Keep track of and cycle through history

html-to-js Make HTML require()-able

humanize-component Humanize a string

humanize-number Humanize a number (1000000 -> 1,000,000)

in-groups-of Return an array of arrays in groups of N

indexof Microsoft sucks

inherit-component Prototype inheritance utility

inserted-component invoke a callback when a DOM element is inserted

inspect Object method inspector

inspect-component Inspect objects associated to DOM elements in web inspector

invert Invert string casing

is-code Check if a filename looks like something pygments can parse

is-textual check if a Buffer contains textual data

jade Jade template engine

jog JSON logging & reporting

jog-middleware jog json logger middleware for Connect / Express

join-component Join a list

jpeg-size Read JPEG image dimensions from a File or Blob

json-component JSON parser / stringifier

json-fallback JSON parser / stringifier fallback

jstrace dynamic tracing written in javascript (similar to dtrace/ktap etc)

jstream2 rawStream.pipe(JSONStream.parse()).pipe(streamOfObjects)

keyname Keyboard event key name utility

knox Amazon S3 client

koa Koa web app framework

koa-basic-auth Blanket basic auth middleware for koa

koa-common Common middleware aggregate module for lazy people

koa-compose compose Koa middleware

koa-compress Compress middleware for koa

koa-conditional-get Conditional GET support for koa

koa-csrf CSRF tokens for koa

koa-error Error reponses (text, json, html) for koa

koa-etag ETag support for koa

koa-favicon favicon bounce middleware for koa

koa-json pretty (non-compressed) json response middleware

koa-json-filter middleware allowing the client to filter the response to only what they need

koa-logger Logging middleware for koa

koa-mongodb-logger Log and profile Koa requests to MongoDB

koa-mount Mounting middleware for koa

koa-qs qs for koa

koa-ratelimit Rate limiter middleware for koa

koa-response-time X-Repsonse-Time middleware for koa

koa-rewrite URL rewrite middleware for koa

koa-route Koa route middleware

koa-schema simplified json-schema type thing

koa-send Transfer static files

koa-sendfile basic file-sending utility for koa

koa-session Koa cookie session middleware

koa-static Static file serving middleware for koa

koa-static-cache Static cache for koa

koa-statsd Koa statsd middleware

koa-trie-router Trie-routing for Koa

kue Feature rich priority job queue backed by redis

language-classifier Programming language classifier

libdtrace Solaris libdtrace bindings

libexif libexif bindings (not exec...)

lingo linguistics module sporting inflection and more

list-parser Parse comma and range-delimited lists

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