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arc draw great circle arcs

banner A banner generator

basic-queue a basic queue with concurrency

basicrequest basic xmlhttprequest

bigclicker a remote control for keyboard-driven web presentation systems like [big]( you can load it on your smartphone or ipad, click left or right, and it emits keyboard events with [happen]( that turn pages for you.

biggie presentations without thinking

blend High speed image blending and quantization

blink-darksky use a blink(1) device with darksky to give ambient weather predictions

blink-reporter a mocha reporter that changes a blink(1)

bones Framework for using backbone.js on the client and server.

bones-auth User model with password based authentication for Bones.

canvas-colorize-alpha colorize-alpha for canvas

carmen Mapnik vector-tile-based geocoder with support for swappable data sources.

carto Mapnik Stylesheet Compiler

chattify a local chat server and client

chrono Format dates in JavaScript

circadian day-oriented visualization

clustr clustering strategies for geojson and symbolization

codemirror-palettehints a codemirror plugin that adds color hints to text

color-system transfer colors between color systems

corelocation ERROR: No file found!

cors-proxy a proxy that does cors

corslite xhr for browsers and ie

couchstream Streams changes from a CouchDB and emits events.

csv2geojson convert CSV files to GeoJSON

d3-metatable a table element for heterogenous objects

date-extract extract legal dates from free text

date-tween tween between dates

dbf generate dbf files

deadsea a library for preventing map-scrolling fail

detect-json-indent detect the indentation of stringified json

deuteranopia simulate deuteranopia, the most common form of colorblindness

easey Easing for Modest Maps

englewood dot-density calculations and visualizations

esri-dump Assist with pulling data out of an ESRI ArcGIS REST server into a more useful format.

extent a geographic extent object

fixedentropy ```js // V8 supports custom sources of entropy. // by default, entropy is fairly entropic; in node.js, it's sourced // from some primo OpenSSL functions

force-geojson d3's force directed graphs serialized to geojson

frisk a lisp, kind of

fuzzer a fuzzy input creator for tests

generate-geo-testing-data use a geonames extract to generate testing geocodes, tiles, and bounding boxes

geo-viewport convert between viewports and extents

geocodify geocode spreadsheet files

geojson-area calculate the physical area of a geojson geometry

geojson-coords return all coordinates from a geojson object

geojson-extent compute the bounding box of geojson features

geojson-flatten transform geojson into single-parts

geojson-mapnikify transform geojson with simplestyle-spec into mapnik xml

geojson-normalize normalize different geojson forms into featurecollections

geojson-rewind enforce winding order for geojson

geojson-stream stream features into and out of geojson

geojson-summary return a text summary of what is in a geojson object create and edit maps, on the internet

geojson2dsv shuttle geojson points into csv encoding

geojsonhint validate and sanity-check geojson files

geojsonio-cli a cli for

get A slightly higher-level HTTP client for node.

gist-map-browser browse through your recent mappy gists

github-file-browser Browse map files on GitHub and in Gists

gjio-null-island example plugin

glify a webgl compiler browserify transform

grove-archive-link a grove archive linker

habiter a cli tool for habits

happen real browser events

heckle a nodejs project site generator

ii A JSON formatter for the command-line

incr-object an incrementing object

incremental-eval eval javascript line by line

jsonlint-lines Validate JSON with line numbers

leaflet-edit-osm a button to edit osm on leaflet maps

leaflet-foursquare foursquare venues in leaflet

leaflet-fullscreen A fullscreen control for Leaflet

leaflet-geodesy geodesy functionality for leaflet

leaflet-geojson-stream leaflet geojson loading with streaming

leaflet-image export leaflet maps as images

leaflet-knn next nearest neighbors for leaflet

leaflet-omnivore a geospatial format parser for Leaflet

leaflet-osm-notes show notes from OpenStreetMap on Leaflet

leaflet-pip point in polygon searches for leaflet

leftpad left pad numbers

line-offset intelligent line offset

live-require add scripts to a page programmatically

log-reader read text-based log files

machine-epsilon lexical arithmetic for floating point numbers

maki Pixel-perfect icons for web cartography

makizushi professional maki chef

mapbox an api for mapbox

mapbox.js mapbox javascript api

mapnik-reference Reference for Mapnik Styling Options

markers Simple markers for Modest Maps

mbtiles Utilities and tilelive integration for the MBTiles format.

meattext-cli a command line interface for meattext

metatip editable, presentable tooltips

metro-cli the metro and so on

mid-tile meta meta tiles

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