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mistakes live-coding, oriented towards giving presentations about programming and showing what you mean.

mmg Simple markers for Modest Maps

modestmaps a display and interaction library for tile-based maps

morton Calculate morton numbers and Z-order codes

mrchat a local chat server and client

node-blink blink(1) support for node

node-fresh A minimal browser reloading server

node-get A slightly higher-level HTTP client for node.

nxtbs nextbus cli

ohauth browser oauth

okay-hash a good enough hash function

openaddresses-download download addresses from the open addresses project

osm-auth a usable example of javascript oauth with openstreetmap

osm-gpx retrieve GPX data from the OSM API

osm-live-map beautiful fast osm edits

osm-stream stream minutely openstreetmap diffs

overhead gives you your stupid projections

password-rules enforce rules for reasonable passwords

pbf a protocol buffer implementation in javascript

pdata ERROR: No file found!

point-displace offset points by angles, displacements, and other points

polyline Polyline encoding and decoding

pushedover send a pushover notification when a task finishes

qs-hash encode and decode query strings with optional encodeuricomponent

ration ration out items in intervals

relative-luminance calculate relative luminance

restring a nice stringify for debugging

sanitize-caja sanitize html using caja and reasonable assumptions

sexagesimal parse coordinates in sexagesimal form

sharkdown markdown in your shell

shp-write write shapefiles from pure javascript

simple-statistics Simple Statistics

sitemap-static generate a sitemap for a static website

spherical spherical operations on the globe

sphericalmercator Transformations between the Web Mercator projection and Latitude Longitude coordinates

spline general purpose spline implementations

sqlite3 Asynchronous, non-blocking SQLite3 bindings

srs Spatial reference library for node

static-map-preview ### example

strava-export-all All Strava Routes into a big GeoJSON file

stream-fifo a fifo stack for streams

stream-statistics stream-interface online statistics

strxml create xml with functions and strings

subscript a lisp, kind of

superenv a subset of rc that does environment and configuration parsing

tcx parse tcx files, generating geojson

tessel-canvas canvas output for tessel

tessel-canvas-browser canvas output for tessel in browsers

tessel-cli a tile cli

tessel-coordinate a geospatial coordinate type

tessel-map minimal meta map framework

tilelive Frontend for various tile backends, mapnik and mbtiles

tilelive-mapnik Mapnik backend for tilelive

tilelive-overlay use geojson and simplestyle features rendered with mapnik

tilemill A modern map design studio.

tilemill-lots Preview maps at multiple zoom levels.

tilemill-mapbox-streets Add MapBox Streets as a base layer.

tilemill-reference-layer Add MapBox Streets or a custom map as a base layer.

tilestream A high performance tile server and simple web viewer for MBTiles files.

togeojson turn KML and GPX into GeoJSON

tokml convert geojson to kml

treeui a tree user interface for files and other things

twogeojson convert formats to geojson quickly

unitbezier unit bezier curve interpolation

vector-tile Parses vector tiles

wax Tools for improving web maps.

wcag-contrast evaluate the wcag color contrast score for two colors

web-rrd a simple, persisted round robin database for browsers

wellknown convert wkt to geojson

wgs84 constants from the standard reference ellipsoid

wmata-client a client for buses and trains

yell a yelp scraper

zipfile C++ library for handling zipfiles in node

zlib Simple, synchronous deflate/inflate for buffers

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