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animationframe (request|cancel)AnimationFrame analog for the desktop

avr avr project tools

boosh spawn a window and draw stuff using the html5 canvas api"

carena Lightweight javascript scene graph for use with canvas

chip.avr.lufacdc push firmware to an avr device running a lufacdc bootloader

circle2 2d circle implementation A learnboost/cluster plugin for managing learnboost/ child processes

console.log A console.log implementation that plays *nice* with large amounts of data. It Keeps node alive until the output has flushed to the screen.

cssfontparser parse shorthand css font strings"

defaults merge single level defaults over a config object

disolve cas

docfragify browserify plugin to allow the requiring of .html and conversion to documentFragment

draw CAD for canvas

drop-stl-to-json parse stl files dropped onto a dom element

eaglepunch punch cadsoft's eagle into submission by turning a .brd file into a json document.

eventemitter Nodejs implementation of EventEmitter

fc AKA: fullscreen canvas

filterchain perform work before and after an operation

gcode-simulator Simulate a cnc machine

github-latest get the latest (semver) tag number of a repo

gles2 node bindings for opengl es2

grbl grbl repl / library

grbl-simulator wrapper around the grbl simulator

htmlimage images, like in the browser, but in node

intelhex an intelhex to binary converter

involve pull all of your package.json (dev)deps into an object

irrklang rough integration with irrKlang

jsdom A JavaScript implementation of the W3C DOM

line2 perform operations on infinite lines in 2 dimensions

lossystream drop packets when the upstream exerts backpressure

microdom A tiny dom that is not compliant with the w3c dom specifcation

node-osx ia32 node for osx

npm-normalize normalize npm package metadata

npm2es push npm package metadata into elasticsearch for querying

nps snappy npm search with ratings

polygon utility for working with polygons (arrays of vec2s)

polygon.clip clip a polygon with another

repl.history add history to node's repl

roku control your roku from node

segment2 2d line segment

segseg 2d segment to segment intersection detection

segseg.closest Compute the closest point between two line segments

serialport-manager single process manager of transient serialport connections

skateboard stupid simple websocket stream + static server

sproc shared process

stl STL to Array of verts and vice versa

stl2json Convert binary|ascii stl data into json on the command line

stream-fsm streaming finite state machine

svgmill turn an svg into gcode

thing flexible metaobjects with trait driven behavior

tincture bind to the inputs/outputs of a dom branch

tpad an array of hackable pressure sensitive buttons

twitter-cli pump results from the twitter filter stream into stdout

vec2 manipulate vectors in 2d

weld Template antimatter for javascript

xsd xsd tools for node

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