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argon Function argument processing and validation

cipherpipe Thin wrapper around openssl for encryption/decryption

connect-assets A Rails-like asset pipeline for Connect

connect-coffee Automatic compilation and minification for CoffeeScript under Connect

connect-file-cache A Connect middleware for mapping routes to memory

dep-graph Simple dependency graph management

err Simplified Node.js error-handling

hello-npm A minimal Node project for The npm Book

jflow Practical flow control for JavaScript

jitter Simple continuous compilation for CoffeeScript

lockfile A very polite lock file utility, which endeavors to not litter, and to wait patiently for others. Branching IO for working with nested files in Node

snockets Sprockets-esque script concatenation for Node

sty Color and more for the console

styout Simple logging with sty

valve Super-simple control flow

wait Simple utility functions to simplify setTimeout/setInterval

watchit A sensible wrapper around

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