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23andme a api wrapper of

ascii convert jpg/png/gif to ascii arts based on node-canvas

author a simple token and signature creator for OAuth

awk a wrapper of webAwk, wak in javascript

base64-image a simple base64 string to image middleware of Express

beer a simple useful wrapper of request

btc a command-line bitcoin price board for geeks

candy a micro bbs system based on apis

candy-theme-flat the default theme of candy

charts a chart generator service for easy embed collections of charts in emails

charts-theme-chartjs a chartjs solution of Charts

charts-theme-sparkline a jquery Sparklines solution of Charts.

china a sdk of China national data (

coder a sdk of google coder's API

coin the price board for all kind of coins

consoler another smart and colorful console logger

cooker a minimalism style version manager for static files

depender a simple dependency injector based on Node.js

docor a smart and tiny doc-maker using default package.json

dogecoin dogecoin wallet in Node.js

doing a cli todo list designed for geeks

douban-sdk a simple douban sdk, including apis. a tiny and smart cli player of based on Node.js

duoshuo duoshuo SDK based on Node.js

eraser a HTML5 device motion experiment running on mobile chrome

etager a tiny etag tracker middleware

eweibo a express middleware and frame-mocker of

express-common-errors a express error handler express-scaffold built-in

express-current the current page middleware express-scaffold built-in

express-installer a configs installer middleware express-scaffold built-in

express-passport a passport middleware express-scaffold built-in

express-scaffold a simple but sexy MVC wrapper of Express

fitbit-sdk a developer friendly node.js sdk of fitbit

fsplus a enhancement of file system utils in Node.js

gbk convert gbk to utf-8 made easy

geci fetch lrc data from APIs which provied by

glassware glassware app container

google-glass sdk of google glass in node.js

guoyu let me introduce myself

iata a collection of IATA codes including all airlines of the world

keepingbusy a cli tool which help you to pretend to be very busy

kindle a mail-pusher for kindle based on node

koa-scaffold a simple but sexy MVC wrapper of koa

laiwang a Node.js sdk of laiwang

lazykitten a cli tool to generate lazy api or html pages for test

lemonode a fresh CMS based on Angular/Node.js/Mongodb

mailmao Mail pusher based on Trello/Express/Nodemailer

mails send beautiful emails made easy, with sexy templates built in.

mails-default the default theme of mails

mails-flat flat email templates for mails

member a Express middleware for managing distributed user sessions

mua the missing blog platform built upon love

mua-wordpress a smart wordpress exporter of [Mua]( a tiny IM based on Node.js

o3o ascii emoticon store based on Node.js

paramrule a simple parameters rules manager

peercoin a api wrapper of peercoin

pkghub a package hub for human, based on NPM iteself.

pkghub-render a render of pkghub

player command line interface mp3 player based on Node.js

pluse a plugin loader for human, based on NPM iteself

pm2-panel the missing web/mobile panel of pm2 monitor

poker a smart signin simulator and testaccounts switcher base on Node

raspberry Respberry Toolkit based on node, for nodejs apps, makes life easier.

releaser a simple and smart version-maker written in cofeescript

sdk a sdk factory, build sdks made easy.

seesaw a quick-setup springboard server working around cross-domain requests

startupkit the startup portal connecting people and workflows

superhero superhero is a api wrapper/spider of NPM

syncer a cli tool for syncing static files to CDNs like upyun or qiniu

tao a simple and sexy http server for templates

term-animate animation toolkit in your terminal

term-list-enhanced a enhancement for term-list

theme a smart theme loader and manager for CMS platforms

tomator a sns timer for pushing messages

wechat-wall 基于微信公众平台的微信墙后台程序

wifi the sdk and package manager of based on Node.js

xrp a smart Ripple / XRP Gateway based on Node.js

yeelink yeelink apis wrapper for node apps

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