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ametrine-view Ametrine component for handling and compiling views client

browser-client Detect browser, version, platform and device

chute API client for Chute platform.

google-images Search images using Google Images

gumroad API client for Gumroad.

juicy Extending JavaScript's native clases with useful methods

lychee One interface. Many databases. Lychee is all about that.

magician Library for cute image manipulation. Requires ImageMagick.

mailman Send emails in a comfortable way via models.

memcacher Adding tags functionality to memcached.

mongorito ODM for MongoDB.

npmrat Add npm packages to package.json using command line

packager Install npm packages listed in Npmfile

que Interface to many worker queue backends.

restie ORM that operates with RESTful interface, rather than database.

route66 Routing functionality/middleware for Connect 2.0

templato One interface to many template engines for browser and Node.js.

thumbbot Thumbnails from video, images, web pages and even audio.

video-thumb Extract snapshots from video at a given time. Requires ffmpeg.

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