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aero-client API client for

b Benchmarks for Node.js.

borm Storage-agnostic models for Node.js

borm-jstore JSON storage for borm

bot Feeling lonely? You personal bot is here.

box Powerful key -> value storage for the CLI.

captureme CLI utility that helps you capture screenshots from any browser available in the cloud

chai-factories Factories over fixtures. Build for the Chai Assertion Library

chai-mongoose Mongoose assertions for Chai.js

chai-null Null Object Pattern implementation for the Chai Assertion Library

copycat HTTP request and response recorder

core_ext JavaScript prototype extensions.

curiosity Curious metrics about your JavaScript project

cyclop Highly focused control flow library

decorator Decorators. POW! Arrghhh!

depviz [![NPM version](]( [![Build Status](]( [![Coverage Status](]( [![Code Climate](](

envc Loads environment variables from dotenv files

evts Minimal event emitter implementation that supports both sync and async event handlers.

exports Easy data exports to your client-side scripts.

eyehurt CLI color utility for zombies

fine Tiny, recursive and synchronous file finder utility

fload JavaScript file loader

globalo Top-level object detector

hell Experimental complexity analyzer for JavaScript projects

hippie Simple end-to-end API testing

homepath Return the home directory of the current OS

hubot-airbrake Hubot Airbrake script

hydro Teeny-weeny test runner for Node.js

hydro-bdd BDD interface for hydro

hydro-chai Chai.js integration for hydro

hydro-clean-dir Empty given directories after each test

hydro-clean-stacks Remove hydro entires from error stacks

hydro-co Generator based tests with co and Hydro

hydro-coffee CoffeeScript support for hydro

hydro-doc Doc formatter for hydro

hydro-dot Dot formatter for hydro

hydro-fail-fast Abort hydro tests on first failure

hydro-file-suite Add a test suite for each test file based on its filename.

hydro-filter Run only given tests matched by supplied filters

hydro-flat Flat interface for hydro

hydro-focus Run only the first test with 'focus' tag

hydro-formatter Base formatter for hydro

hydro-ghostd PhantomJS Ghost Driver launcher for hydro

hydro-http-server [![NPM version](]( [![Build Status](]( [![Coverage Status](](

hydro-jack Jack.js integration for hydro

hydro-list List formatter for hydro

hydro-minimal Minimal interface for hydro

hydro-mongoose mongoose integration for hydro

hydro-require require

hydro-silent Silent formatter for hydro

hydro-simple Simple formatter for hydro

hydro-tap Tap formatter for hydro

hydro-tdd TDD interface for hydro

hydro-timekeeper Timekeeper integration for hydro

instance Get an instance back

issues GitHub Issues from the CLI.

jack Mock framework for Node.js and the browser.

jack-assertions [![NPM version](](

jack-chai Chai.js assertions for Jack.js test doubles

jack-expect Expect.js assertions for Jack.js test doubles

jack-should should.js assertions for Jack.js test doubles

jack-util Shared code between different Jack.js integrations

jack-verify Standalone assertions for Jack.js test doubles

jsmd jsmd ensures that you will never have outdated and non-working JavaScript code in your README files.

jstore Minimalistic JSON-based persistence layer

karma-hydro Karma plugin - adapter for Hydro

koa-http-logger koa http request & response logger

ldir Require all files in a dir

let Fight legacy systems with style.

loa Tiny require wrapper

logme Minimalistic stream logger

loupe Inspect utility for Node.js and browsers

mill Readable milliseconds for you and other humans.

mini Mini, node-able test runner

mini-dot Dot formatter for mini

moni Process monitoring with node.

news Hacker news and reddit in the CLI.

nixt Simple and powerful testing for command-line apps

nsredis Namespaces for Redis

obsessed Retry mechanism for Node.js and the browser

package Easy package.json exports.

params Hash filter utility. Like strong params.

pathval Object value retrieval given a string path

pin Is my site up? Node.js edition.

r...e JavaScript range implementation

racks Reusable middleware implementation for Node.js & the browsers

redr Lazy require with filter logic

refractory Thin require wrapper that will allow you to load files from conventional paths

reload Node.js module to refresh and reload your code in your browser when your code changes. No browser plugins required.

ri Magic

seed-forge Factory builder for Seed & Mongoose

seltron Tiny Selenium spawner

slnks slnks API client.

socialcount Get social stats for given url

sourcery Consume any RESTful API with just a few lines of JavaScript

sq Timestamped file generator

storr Minimalistic JSON storage.

structure Generator of struct classes, each one of which is defined to hold a set of variables and their accessors.

stylec [![Build Status](]( [![Coverage Status](]( [![Code Climate](](

super Extend everything.

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