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action [![Build Status](](

assets Asset API for Node.js

assets.js Asset API for Node.js

cdnjson There data is still too hard to find and access.

coach Full Stack Web Framework for Node.js

common-logger Cross-browser and Node.js empowered logging

content.js Content

corpora There data is still too hard to find and access. We need to make it accessible so we can start doing natural language processing and machine learning at a faster rate.

corpus-generator Generates the base project structure for extracting data from some source, putting it into an `index.json` file, and maybe creating an `index.html` example for it to host on GitHub Pages.

craigslist Given that places in the Bay Area fill up so quickly, I made this to notify me whenever anything new was posted for a search I previously made on Craigslist. This was also an experiment integrating with Twilio (

criteria ## Install

database Database API for Node.js

database.js Database API for Node.js Design and Test Your App in Real-Time from TextMate JavaScript Watcher for Design.IO Stylesheet Watcher for Design.IO

elementcss-generator Generates component for elementcss for rapid development.

ember-application-node Extensions to the Handlebars templating engine for use with Ember. These extensions make Handlebars aware of property observing, which allows it to automatically update the DOM when the referenced properties change. It also provides Handlebars helpers for creating Ember views and working with collections.

ember-metal-node JavaScript on Steroids

ember-routing-node The Ember routing system

ember-runtime-node The base Ember runtime. Essential for all Ember apps.

ember-states-node The Ember state management system

epic Epoch

epoch Epoch

equation [![experimental](](

hanser-ring-finder Find Rings in Molecular Graphs

html-schema and Microformats

i18n.js I18n API for Node.js

incase ## Install

metro Rails Framework for Node.js

mint Template abstraction framework

mol-parser ## Installation

node-meta ERROR: No file found!

normalize.js Normalize HTML

object-id ## Installation

parse-processes List processes on Unix/Linux.

parsejs-expression PEG-like expression builder for JavaScript. <1kb.

part-async-series ## Installation

part-each-array ## Installation

part-element-name Get element name, node.js and browser.

part-element-type Get DOM Element type, for node or the browser.

part-is-array ## Installation

part-is-blank ## Installation

part-is-string ## Installation

part-next-tick Node/browser `process.nextTick` implementation.

pathfinder Asset API for Node.js

period Epoch

require-cache > Caches the module tree into a JSON file, so when you restart your app it doesn't have to recompute this every time. > Often **2x faster startup time**.

route.js Routes API for Node.js

routes.js Routes API for Node.js

ruby-haml Render Ruby's version of Haml from Node.js - Ruby Haml is Perfect

schema-cli Language-agnostic schema package manager for standardizing data models.

schema-component Language-agnostic schema package manager for better data models, built with component.

schema-generator Generates a schema component.

schema-plugin Language-agnostic schema package manager for better data models, built with component.

schema-validator.js ## Installation

scrape-wikipedia Just the start of scripts to scrape out different elements from a wikipedia page.

share-element ## Installation

shift Template framework

speakgeek ## Installation

t-case ## Install

t-fs [![Build Status](](

tgen Fast code generator. No dependencies. Just an idea for now.

timezones ## Installation

tinfo ## Install

tower Small components for building apps, manipulating data, and managing a distributed infrastructure.

tower-accessor Get property values from objects / nested objects / functions / etc.

tower-adapter Datastore abstraction layer.

tower-attr ## Installation

tower-attr-directive ## Installation

tower-builder No docs yet.

tower-cassandra-cookbook ## Installation

tower-cassandra-recipe ## Installation

tower-class-directive ## Installation

tower-cli ## Installation

tower-code-directive Syntax highlighting directive.

tower-collection Arrays that automatically update your UI.

tower-component-cookbook ## Installation

tower-console Interactive Shell / Repl

tower-container [![Build Status](](

tower-content Tower Content

tower-content-directive ## Installation

tower-controller [![Build Status](](

tower-cookbook ## Installation

tower-directive Tower Directive component

tower-directive-expression ## Installation

tower-directive-expressions ## Installation

tower-directives Individual directives bundled into one component.

tower-doc ## Installation

tower-each-directive ## Installation

tower-ec2-adapter ## How to

tower-ec2-cookbook ## Installation

tower-editor-directive Question. How do you go about converting libraries like the ace editor (which has dozens of themes/extensions) to component?

tower-element ## Installation

tower-element-directive ## Installation

tower-emitter Event emitter

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