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argparse Very powerful CLI arguments parser. Native port of argparse - python's options parsing library

babelfish i18n with easy syntax for node.js

charlatan Fake identities generator for node.js (names, addresses, phones, IPs and others). Supports multiple languages.

fs-tools fs helper utilities (walk, copy, mkdir -p)

hike JavaScript port of Ruby's Hike, a library for finding files in a set of paths.

js-yaml YAML 1.2 parser and serializer

js-yaml.bin YAML 1.1 Parser (CLI tool)

mimoza Simple mime-types tools library

mincer Web assets processor. Native JavaScript port of Sprockets.

ndoc JavaScript API documentor with simple syntax.

pako zlib port to javascript - fast, modularized, with browser support

pointer Client-Server router.

puncher Nested timstamps generator for your application

svg-font-create Creates SVG font from separate images

svg-font-dump Split SVG font to separate images

svg2ttf Convert SVG graphics to TTF font

svgpath SVG path low level operations toolkit

ttf2eot Convert TTF font to EOT

ttf2woff Convert TTF font to WOFF

types Hash, SortedSet

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