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ether-frame Manipulate ethernet frame headers

ether-stream Ethernet frame serialization object stream.

ip-header IP header parsing

ip-stream IP header serialization object stream.

mac-address MAC address parsing functions

mock-dgram Mock UDP socket using object streams

netbios-name Utility code for working with NetBIOS names.

netbios-name-service NetBIOS name service implementation written in Javascript.

netbios-session NetBIOS session implementation written in Javascript.

object-transform Composable object stream Transform

pcap-dgram Mock UDP socket based on pcap file data.

pcap-socket Mock TCP socket based on pcap file data.

pcap-stream Streams2 wrapper for pcap-parser

select-stream Filter an object stream with a callback.

udp-header UDP header serialization

udp-stream UDP header serialization object stream.

ya-roll Yet Another dice Rolling module

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