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aloof Array of Objects Filtering

appconsole A generic console for node applications

array-indexer Create indexes based on arrays of objects

cloyster Git deploy cluster based on ploy and node-discover

dank-amap An asynchronous map function for node which can map over anything with rate limiting

dank-cast Cast values to more specific types with default values if they can't be casted

dank-copyfile A pure JavaScript copyFile function

dank-csv A csv parser

dank-do-while An asynchronous do-while-like function

dank-fileemitter Walk a directory (optionally recursively) and emit events for each object encountered

dank-map A map function that can map over almost anything.

dank-movefile A pure JavaScript moveFile function

dank-queue A versatile async flow control module

domain-name-parser Parse domain name into tld, sld, domain, domainName, host

function-rate-limit Limit the execution rate of any function

google-checkout A Google Checkout API implementation for node.js

layered-hash-table A hash table made of layers where lower numbered layers over-ride the value of higher layers

node-discover Automatically discover your nodejs instances with built-in support for automatic single master and capability advertising.

object-mapper Copy properties from one object to another.

object-mask Copy an object based on a mask of allowed or denied properties

object-to-xml Convert any object to XML

odbc unixodbc bindings for node

redis-jsonify Save JSON representation of objects to redis when using node_redis

sortkeys Sort the keys of an object recursively

templater Template engine abstraction layer plus caching, change watching, file loading

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