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alphahax Fun little hack for Javascript for generating alphabet letters

auto-loader node-auto-loader =========

chain-me Make an object chainable

draft Construct Object schemas and models

execly Streaming process executor, local and remote

fql-workbench A FQL Workbench tool

histo histo stream bindings for node.js

histo-server TCP server for streaming data to a histogram

html-to Streaming HTML to * converter

is-localhost Is localhost predicate

lazybind Create functions that accept the receiver as its first argument and `n` arguments after

lqueue Push and shift data to a queue from the command line

lstack Push and pop data to a stack from the command line

mlist Fast lisp like lists

nbin execute local bin files in a module

number Number utility functions. Inspired by the ruby Integer object.

numeronym Convert and/or define numeronyms from a words

pineapple A MVC based, yet arguably liberal RESTful API framework. Includes routing, controllers, models, utilities, and a MongoDB interface.

pulsed Run a function n amount of times with a given interval pattern

repl-console repl-console ============

rfc IETF RFC reader tool

sregex simple string regular expression that exposes matches in defined variables

to-csv Convert objects to CSV

tostring Transform stdin strings

troute super fast tiny router

typedof better type checking

uri-stream Stream contents from a URI

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