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backbone-couch Backbone.js sync for CouchDB

basic-queue a basic queue with concurrency

blend High speed image blending and quantization

bones Framework for using backbone.js on the client and server.

bones-auth User model with password based authentication for Bones.

carmen Mapnik vector-tile-based geocoder with support for swappable data sources.

carto Mapnik Stylesheet Compiler

cfn-config Quickly configure and start AWS CloudFormation stacks

cfn-stack-event-stream A readable stream of CloudFormation stack events

chrono Format dates in JavaScript

compress-ds A streaming compression for node.js

connect-s3store Use AWS S3 as a Connect session store

couchstream Streams changes from a CouchDB and emits events.

easey Easing for Modest Maps

elastisnap Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) rotating snapshots.

fasterror Quickly create custom error objects.

fastlog Stupid simple logging for Node.js.

get A slightly higher-level HTTP client for node.

henry Agent for updating temporary credentials using AWS Security Token Service.

highchair An EC2 attribute query tool.

leaflet-fullscreen A fullscreen control for Leaflet

mapbox.js mapbox javascript api

markers Simple markers for Modest Maps

mbtiles Utilities and tilelive integration for the MBTiles format.

millstone Prepares datasources in an MML file for consumption in Mapnik

mmg Simple markers for Modest Maps

morton Calculate morton numbers and Z-order codes

osrm open source routing machine

s3watcher Watch an s3 bucket for new keys

sphericalmercator Transformations between the Web Mercator projection and Latitude Longitude coordinates

srs Spatial reference library for node

stripe-cli A command line interface to Stripe

tilejson Tile source backend for online tile sources

tilelive Frontend for various tile backends, mapnik and mbtiles

tilelive-file Reads/writes tiles and grids from/to the filesystem. This module is intended to be used with [tilelive.js](

tilelive-mapnik Mapnik backend for tilelive

tilelive-memcached memcached wrapping source for tilelive

tilelive-s3 tilelive-s3 ----------- Extends `node-tilejson` for using S3 as a tilejson backend.

tilemill A modern map design studio.

tilemill-autopilot UI for common map designs.

tilemill-reference-layer Add MapBox Streets or a custom map as a base layer.

tilestream A high performance tile server and simple web viewer for MBTiles files.

wax Tools for improving web maps.

yphase Extendible scripting with YAML config files.

zipfile C++ library for handling zipfiles in node

zlib Simple, synchronous deflate/inflate for buffers

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