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aws-pricing Small module which uses nodes http module to retrieve AWS pricing and parse it.

connect-leveldb This module provides a session store for connect which uses leveldb via levelup.

datum Data storage library which stores metrics.

dtracer Library for event tracing using a dtrace, note returns a dummy provider if not available.

follow-file Provide a simple way to watch and a file even if it is truncated.

grunt-express-bootstrap Bootstraps express web applications using grunt, bower and twitter bootstrap.

heroku-events This module will mine heroku dyno related events out of a syslog file.

mqtt-router Router for mqtt subscriptions.

mqtt-rpc This module provides an rpc interface for MQTT.

netif Node wrapper for net/if.h

node-collectd NodeJS library which can retrieve values from collectd.

node-quotas Manage quotas using Redis and NodeJS.

node-rrdtool Adapter for calling rrdtool from node.

nonpm Not NPM

ofuda HMAC authentication for nodejs which should be compatible with Amazon.

queue-stream This module provides a simple stream interface to an AMQP message queue.

raspberrysensor Library for accessing various sensors via the bcm2835 library.

statsbro Util module which logs a subset of system information and statistics.

svcs AMQP driven micro services for node.

topic-stream The topic-stream is a simple stream which enables writing messages over either AMQP or MQTT to a topic.

winston-crashlog Winston transport for

winston-request-logger Winston based http request logger for express.

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