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bcat A pipe to browser utility

cluster-file-writer write to a single file from a cluster

connect-crypto middlewares and other connect and crypto related odds and ends

darkmagic A dependency injection framework

db-stuff db-stuff

directory-cache A directory caching util

directory-watcher A directory watcher

ec2-hostname print ec2 public hostname by querying the internal hypervisor http interface

emitter-sniffer hook to the emit function of an event emitter to print all fired events activity

find-port find an unused port in your localhost

flame flame server framework

forkraft a helper library for cluster api

galaxya embeddable peer 2 peer service discovery and configuration service

godot-dash HTTP dashboard for Nodejitsu's godot; A port of riemann-dash

grapevine gossip protocol - a fork of gossiper module with some added features

id-generator generate unique ids

kessler uuuuttttiiilllll

level-http-recorder A rudimentary middleware / handler that records http requests to a local level db

log4js-console-appender custom console appenders for log4js

monitor-url-tool simple url monitoring tool

mutation mutate code

node-redis-cluster a redis cluster abstraction over node-redis

polymock mock objects generator

pulsar-kue A cluster based job server based on learnboost's Kue

pulsar-scheduler A scheduler for pulsar-kue job server

quick-serve quickly start an http download server for a single file from command line

redshift-cli command line for querying and managing a redshift cluster

redshift-copy Automated data insertion into Amazon's Redshift using copy operation

riemann-util Provides utilities and abstractions over node.js client

rijik-healthprobe a very simple http healthprobe to plug inside your app

s3shield small abstraction over various s3 clients

sdt SDT - The Simple Daemon Tools

simple-file-writer write to a file, manage back pressure and buffering

simple-xml-parser good for extracting xml values from small sized xml data

stream-slicer Slice another stream via a transform stream

tempus-fugit schedule stuff

thor-logs-cli a cli tool for thor logs

traffic-recorder A server the logs all incoming data to a file

webstress-tool web stress tool




zero-s3 zmq+http to s3 upload

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