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cha Make task chaining.

cha-cli Cha CLI Application.

cha-target Target extension for cha.

cha-watch Watch extension for cha.

co-cli The Co command line interface.

dreams npm install my dreams

escapeshellarg Escape a string to be used as a shell argument.

execution Execution class for javascript task

generator-task Yeoman generator for JavaScript Task


gm-bin gm wrapper that makes it seamlessly available as a local dependency on OS X, Linux and Windows

gru grunt simplify

hi Say hi in cli.


isabspath Return true if path is an absolute pathname. On Unix, that means it begins with a slash, on Windows that it begins with a (back)slash after chopping off a potential drive letter.

mod-coffeescript Compile coffeescript files to javascript

mod-csslint Validate css files with csslint

mod-cssprefix auto vendor prefix for CSS3 properties

mod-ganam A methodology for documenting CSS and generating styleguides.

mod-handlebars Compile Handlebars templates to JavaScript templates file

mod-hosts Enable remapping of requests for one host to a different IP, overriding DNS

mod-jade Compile Jade files to HTML

mod-jshint Validate javascript files with jshint

mod-less Compile LESS files to CSS

mod-phantomjs Run script in phantomjs sandbox

mod-png-compressor compress png images

mod-sass Compile Sass files to CSS

mod-server mod-server

mod-sprite auto magically generate css sprites

mod-stylus Compile stylus files to CSS

mod-tar Create a tarball

modjs JavaScript Workflow Tooling For Web

node-regexp New RegExp Style for Node.js

optimage Image optimizer

recss Rework your styles.

seajs-build build only for seajs

task-cleancss Minify CSS files with CleanCSS.

task-combine Combine text files.

task-copy Copy files and folders.

task-glob Read files with glob.

task-js The base task class.

task-jshint Validate files with JSHint.

task-request Read files with request.

task-shell Execute unix shell commands with shelljs.

task-uglifyjs Minify files with UglifyJS.

taskjs Task.JS

unixifypath unixifypath

webp-bin WebP wrapper that makes it seamlessly available as a local dependency on OS X, Linux and Windows

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