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bebop Code ninja, code ninja go! Develop at breakneck speeds.

brief Generate and publish Github pages quickly and easily.

brief-highlight.js Syntax highlighting with language autodetection.

chainable Create fluent asynchronous APIs.

die Application and asset management to die for.

ex A razor-sharp DSL for express inspired by Zappa.

executive Elegant command execution.

flunky Where would a mastermind be without his flunkies?

lincoln Presidential logging. Fancy loggers for winston.

mastermind Unleash your inner supervillain. Cloud automation for evil geniuses.

mixup music on the internet

modelist Automagically generate Backbone routes from Mongoose models.

namecheck Namecheck npm like a pro.

notakebacks Realtime synchronzied immutable chat application.

postmortem When code dies, it deserves a proper autopsy. Stacktrace library with sourcemap support.

requisite A cosmic javascript bundler.

rocksteady Drink blazin' electric death, downtime! Fast, zero-downtime apps for production enviroments.

sente Highly experimental ECS.

sexytime WebRTC videochat

shh Quiet the ssh client.

shortcake Shorten your Cakefiles and fix oddities in cake.

vigil Simple, efficient file watching.

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