Packages depending on LiveScript

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accord-cli compile any language from the command line

appls A library to make elegant web-apps making use of the geniously designed language LiveScript

apps-a-middleware ![image](

arachnid node.js spider/crawler

aspa An opinionated, lightweight and simple to use web asset packager.

aspax-ls-handler Plugin enabling ASPAX to handle LiveScript files.

asset-rack-livescript Livescript support for asset-rack.

broccoli-livescript LiveScript compiler for Broccoli

browserify-livescript browserify v2 plugin for livescript

chem-cli html5 canvas game engine optimized for rapid development - command line interface

cliparser This is a coffeescript version of the CLI Parser I wrote for typescript ([Link]( [![Build Status](](

component-livescript LiveScript plugin for Component(1)

create-xml-ls Another JS object to XML converter

docpad-plugin-livescript Adds support for LiveScript to JavaScript compilation to DocPad

ethercalc Multi-User Spreadsheet Server

fez-livescript A LiveScript operation for the Fez build system.

fsmexpress Expressive finite state machines

grunt-coexist Compile source files together regardless of language

grunt-livescript Compile LiveScript files to JavaScript.

grunt-lsc Grunt plugin for compiling LiveScript files.

gulp-livescript Compile LiveScript to JavaScript for Gulp

gusto Unfancy MVC

htmls HyperText Markup LiveScript!

irccloud-cli irccloud commandline interface

karma-ember-imt Fork of the karma test runner with an ember.js preprocessor

karma-live-preprocessor A Karma plugin. Compile livescript on the fly.

karma-livescript-preprocessor A Karma plugin. Compile livescript on the fly.

kennel Client+Server MVC-framework written in JavaScript

l10n-ls Lets you localize static HTML files with Handlebars and LiveScript

lgen 0config static site generator

liquid-inheritance-node Node port of Liquid-Inheritance

liveify browserify v2 plugin for LiveScript with support for mixed .js and .ls files

livescript-browserify a browserify plugin for LiveScript

LiveScript-brunch Adds LiveScript support to brunch.

livescript-gulp A tiny wrapper around Gulp to run your ``.

livescript-loader LiveScript loader module for webpack

livescript-middleware Connect middleware for LiveScript

lswbxml lswbxml

mimosa-livescript A LiveScript compiler for Mimosa 2.0+

nickdog1204-npm A minimal Node project for the npm Book

openxcom-namegen Namelist generator for OpenXcom

plv8x Use JavaScript expressions and modules in PostgreSQL plv8

procjs Extended `ps` commands (json output, fuzzy string matching) and REST server exporting current process list.

schmaltz Schema tools

slake-build-utils Build utilities for Slakefiles.

ss-livescript LiveScript wrapper for SocketStream 0.3

urequire Convert AMD & commonjs modules to UMD, AMD, commonjs or `combined.js` (rjs & almond) & run/test on nodejs, Web/AMD or Web/Script. Manipulate & inject module code & dependencies while building & more

wintersmith-ls livescript plugin for wintersmith

wmake Generate makefiles for webapps

xcom-namegen Namelist generator for XCOM: Enemy Within

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