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ablejs The statics build tools for ablesky

alajs nodeJs mvc framework

alimama-auto-login Login Alimama with Javascript

bb-server A bare bones http server

branson The code butler extrordinare will facilitate all your code collaboration needs. Would you like caviar with that?

bundee Bundee is a JavaScript and CSS bundler designed for simple ExpressJS/NodeJS websites.

charts a chart generator service for easy embed collections of charts in emails

cmbn Generate and serve combo URLs across CDNs

Comments utilities for building a comment server for your website

commonjs-everywhere CommonJS browser bundler with aliasing, extensibility, and source maps from the minified JS bundle

ctx-old Front-end package management, publish tools for CI & automation

ctx-old-ftp-updated Front-end package management, publish tools for CI & automation

decibel Networked audio player services.

derby MVC framework making it easy to write realtime, collaborative applications that run in both Node.js and browsers.

diff-replay Diff implementation with diff application and reversion functions. Save bandwidth by calculating the diff of a document on the client and sending the diff to the server instead of the entire document. The server can construct the new document from the old document by applying the diff.

digest HTTP Digest authentication for NodeJS

dimensions Get the width and height of any image on the Internet. Supports BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, PSD.

douban nodejs版豆瓣网oauth认证和api sdk

dpd-fileupload File uploader for Deployd

edpx-crm EDP extension for CRM

everymote-philips-hue everymote-philips-hue =====================

fdf FDF (Form Data Format) generator

fekit FE Toolkit

fekitvm FE Toolkit

fenix Api Framework

fielddb-auth Authentication web services for FieldDB.

file-manager File manager for storing/retrieving files from various sources

fis-cloud-app-fisrepo fis-cloud-app-fisrepo

fis-cloud-app-repos fis-cloud-app-repos

fis-cloud-app-usersite fis-cloud-app-usersite

grabbed grabs emails and pulls attachments and dumps into a folder.

grunt-asset-revision Get assets hash

grunt-crane-less Builder for grunt-crane, which build and compress less files.

grunt-css-absolute-image-url replace relative css path to absolute path

grunt-deploy-with-md5 copy files for CDN and update the time stamps

grunt-static-handlebars Compile your Handlebars templates into static html files.

habitrpg-todo-sync Two-way sync between task managers (e.g. Remember the Milk) and HabitRPG

hash-dir-contents A simple function for computing the hash of the contents of an entire directory

hashly Renames static files with a hashcode for cache busting

hue-module A client library for interacting with the Philips Hue lighting products

ice-framework A utility framework which provides helpful functionality, primarily for the P Framework.

itaobao nodejs版淘宝网oauth认证和api sdk

itw Images Through Websockets downloading tools.

jpusher JPush API caller for node.js.

mailmao Mail pusher based on Trello/Express/Nodemailer

markeng A tool to engineer forntend. Split the content to pages, components sub components. Then merge it together.

md564 Base64 MD5 of strings and JSON, where JSON attributes are sorted before comparison for consistent results

merkle Javascript implementation of merkle trees

minassic Easy asset optimization without disturbing the development workflow.

mixpanel-data A quick Mixpanel client

mockti mocking for Titanium

mplane mPlane nodeJS implementation

node-decorate A proxy server to decorate a html/xml document with jQuery.

node-microdata-scraper Scrape a webpage with given URL, parse and extract microdata ( and return a JSON.

node-rendezvous Straight-forward rendezvous for 'local servers' behind NATs and 'mobile clients' using a 'cloud' server.

nodesync node scripts for watching changed files and dirs then post them to remote server

owl markdown blogging system built on mongoose

p-framework A socket based, real time web framework.

phantom-sitemap Crawls a site, extracts the links and returns the promise of either a sitemap or just a list of links.

phinqx MVC framework making it easy to write realtime, collaborative applications that run in both Node.js and browsers.

prometheus Simple ODM for Node.js with pluggable adapters

renderjs render.js(1) -- MEAN SEO Support ========================================================================

renren nodejs版人人网oauth认证和api sdk

rescache Resource caching

resource_build This is a tool make easier to concat and compress the javascript & css files

rosnodejs A JavaScript client library for ROS.

rovi Rovi Cloud Services API Client (TV)

sauto-api Node.js promise based wrapper over Sauto XML-RPC API.

shopify-node-api OAuth2 Module for Shopify API

simple-build A simple build tool for Node.js web projects.

socializr Read data streams from several social networks.

spacepro ERP by standart-n

starphleet-cli The fully open container based continuous deployment PaaS.

strider-node Run Nodejs tests in Strider

studynotes The website. AP Notes & College Essays. AP US History Notes.

substance-application Create Substance apps using Views, Controllers and Modules.

taas-server Things-as-a-service for 'hidden servers' (behind firewalls/NATs) and 'mobile clients' using a third-party service

tala Self hosted commenting platform for node.

tencent nodejs版qq网oauth认证和api sdk

tesla MVC Style Framework for Node.js

tower-builder No docs yet.

tqq nodejs版腾讯微博 sdk

watch-project watch directory change, emit events including create, change, mv, remove, mkdir, mvdir, rmdir as exactly as there is

webapi-skeleton stack based on nodejs, restify & mongoose to create restbased webapis.

webp-middleware Generates and delivers JPG-, PNG- and TIFF-images on the fly as WebP-images if the client supports that format

wechat-payment 微信支付Node.js基础库

wmcommons String to Wikimedia Commons URL converter

wzkeygen Weatherzone keygen: creates your rolling key for the Weatherzone API.

zoominfo Node.js API wrapper for (wip)

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