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actors Simple message passing for node.js

aldis A Docker log forwarder

amino-driver-amqp AMQP driver for amino

amino-queue RabbitMQ plugin for amino 1.x

amqp_demo ERROR: No file found!

amqp-as-promised Promise wrappers for node-amqp

amqp-dsl Amqp-DSL - Fluent interface for node-amqp

amqp-eventemitter EventEmitter over AMQP

amqp-gelf-stream Creates a stream to work with bunyan to send log messages to an amqp server in gelf format. This is derivative of gelf-stream which provides a direct connection to a Graylog2 server.

amqp-mock AMQP mocking and expectations library

amqp-rpc AMQP RPC driver for node.js

amqp-topic-pub-consume Simple lib to listen/send to a Message queue

amqp-watcher A tool to get and send messages from an amqp server from the command line

amqpsnoop snoop AMQP messages

amqputil A thin wrapper around the amqp node module

antenna-amqp AMQP adapter for Antenna.

ascoltatori The pub/sub library for node backed by Redis, MongoDB, AMQP (RabbitMQ), ZeroMQ, MQTT (Mosquitto) or just plain node!

autoqueue Helps AMQP publishers keep their bindings up.

backendjs Backend.js framework

baio-amqp simple amqp client

bip API and graph resolver for the bipio content pipeline.

bipio API and graph resolver for the bipio content pipeline.

bluemix Node.js helper module for IBM BlueMix

ccnq3 CCNQ3 tools

cf-runtime Cloud Foundry API module

chronos Log cronjob results to graylog2

commnq Node.js Commnq library with handlers for AMQP messages.

core-test Core Libs

crane-amqp AMQP adapter for Crane.

daisy Abstracted MQ for rabbitmq

distributor Easy distribution of resources through AMQP

dl DreamLab Libs

easy-amqp fluent wrapper around amqp

eel-amqp AMQP backend for eel (EventEmitter logging)

erizo-controller It provides Rooms to users in order to make multiconference sessions. It also supplies enough security mechanisms and additional capabilities: data, user lists, events, and so on.

fh-amqp-js FeedHenry AMQP Client

fh-amqp-js-test FeedHenry AMQP Client

follow-to-amqp Listen to couchdb changes and publish them on a amqp exchange

forge.js A Node.js tool for continuous integration and development.

ftp-proxy NodeJS ftp proxy prepared for active and passive connections with transfer stats plugin and logging module

fuzz RabbitMQ controller

hare Wrapper around amqp to make common patterns easier A hook that listens to an amqp queue and forwards messages to the bus

hubot-amqp A Hubot adapter for AMQP

instant-rabbitmq Instant RabbitMQ Messaging Application Development How-to

kite-amqp koding kite class over amqp

koda Message Queue for Node.js and RabbitMQ

lemonade Simple API framework

lkt-processor A message process framework based on AMQP service component (e.g RabbitMQ)

log4js-amqp A log4js log appender to push logs into AMQP

log4js-node-amqp An AMQP appender for log4js-node

masstransit node.js adapter for MassTransit Service Bus

message_amqp Simple amqp component that will be used by the bus component

messagehub Simple message, queue and pubsub system compatible with RabbitMQ

messaging Simple messaging API for AMQP

mongoose-amqp-plugin A plugin that publishes mongoose models over amqp on save

mosca The multi-transport MQTT broker for node.js. It supports AMQP, Redis, ZeroMQ, MongoDB or just MQTT.

node-celery Celery client for Node

node-etoile Workflow framework for node

notrace Probing and monitoring library based on AMQP.

nuve-server It offers Room management, Users access control and service registration to third-party applications. It also provides Cloud scalability to the service.

nyply An extremely simplistic Request/Reply module built on top of AMQP.JS

orch-amqp AMQP(RabbitMQ) source for Orch.js

owg This is the one way gateway which publishes your messages via different protocols into services using the popular node js middleware framework - connect

pigeon-post YAML configuration based RabbitMQ interface

pulse node.js client for Mozilla Pulse

queue_client Node.js module to connect to Viki's queue system

queue-client Node.js rabbitmq client

rabbit RabbitMQ powered distributed job management.

rabbit-pub-sub A turn key npm for doing pub/sub using rabbitmq

rabbitmq_minionpool A RabbitMQ minionpool

rabbitmq-nodejs-client rabbitmq client for node.js

roach A very adaptable web crawler framework. Impossible to kill.

servicebus Simple service bus for sending events between processes using amqp.

sl-mq clustering of applications on top of message queues

smart-router a message routing system that routes messages based on their content.

smartcore nodejs-based smart platform

starcount-common Starcount Common Code

starsky A higher level and opinionated library on top of node-amqp.

stat-collector Request and response stat collection middleware for Express.js and Circonus monitoring

statsd-amqp-backend A backend for StatsD to emit stats to an AMQP queue

storm StormJS is an application platform using a virtual kernel architecture.

strong-mq clustering of applications on top of message queues

tail-bridge tail -f to AMQP bridge. Goes best with [twitter-stream-collector](

topic-stream The topic-stream is a simple stream which enables writing messages over either AMQP or MQTT to a topic.

town_crier AMQP to SSE bridge

wabbitzzz wabbitzzz =========

watchmen Who watches the watchmen?

webshot-amqp A message-oriented screenshot server

webshot-amqp-client a client library to request and receive screenshots from the webshot-queue AMQP server

winston-amqp An AMQP transport for winston

xplanspider just 4 xplan of

znetstar-zeus A rudimentary framework for loading common, essential node.js applications

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