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artemis Blue Horizon ============


browsify convert CommonJS modules into browser compatible ones

codem-transcode Offline video transcoding using ffmpeg, with a small HTTP API.

doctasia **Doctasia** is a straightforward static website generator for Markdown documentation.

gapserver a server for building out phonegap apps

genstatic A static site generator

jslint-tap A CLI for running JSLint with some helpers.

linter Code quality tools collection in one module

litb-packager litb packager tools

makatto Makatto is a simple webdev stack which which compiles source templates/assets and builds a production version of your website.

nodecover A lightweight, pure javascript code coverage tool and library for nodejs

pipe2browser redirect output(stdout and stderror) of shell cmd to browser,instantly

prefixr Query in node and on the command line.

qunit QUnit testing framework for nodejs

ria-packager batch compressor for js and css. support mustache template.

sharedjs The most needed utility functions for writing shared code between browser and client.

simple-httpserver simple httpserver

staticserver Simple static web server for development. npm install globally to run from anywhere

statify A static file server to make any directory available via HTTP from the command line.

svg2jadepartial Utility written in CoffeeScript for using SVG with Jade template engine

tcplock A proxy that only allows one connection through on a given port at a time.

tiny-asset-pipeline tiny-asset-pipeline is a node library for compiling and serving web assets. It features dependency management for JavaScript and CSS assets, as well as Less.

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