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aonyx A small, light-weight, dependency injector for node.

assert-diff Drop-in replacement for assert to give diff on deepEqual.

bunyan-syslog Syslog Stream for Bunyan

carbon-streams Framework for intercepting and modifying Carbon (Graphite) metrics

cinovo-isin-validator International Securities Identification Number validator

cinovo-loganalyzer Log analyzer for Node.js with multiple sourcepoints and sirens.

cinovo-loganalyzer-aws AWS SQS sourcepoint and SNS sire for cinovo-loganalyzer.

cinovo-loganalyzer-lib Libraries for cinovo-loganalyzer and it's sourcepoints and sirens.

cinovo-logger Async logger for Node.js with multiple endpoints.

cinovo-logger-aws AWS SQS or SNS endpoint for cinovo-logger.

cinovo-logger-file File endpoint for cinovo-logger.

cinovo-logger-lib Libraries for cinovo-logger and it's endpoints.

cinovo-logger-loggly Loggly endpoint for cinovo-logger.

cinovo-logger-syslog Syslog endpoint for cinovo-logger.

cinovo-logtest Logtest for Node.js with multiple storage engines for distributed log testing.

cinovo-redis-pingpong Sends PING commands to Redis using redis to check if the connection is alive by receiving a PONG within a certain timespan

cinovo-syslog-pipe Pipe syslog to cinovo-logger.

cmdln helper lib for creating CLI tools with subcommands; think `git`, `svn`, `zfs`

dashdash A light, featureful and explicit option parsing library.

edgecast An API client for the Edgecast CDN

fash A consistent hashing library for node

fast `fast` is a very small JSON over TCP messaging framework. Effectively, it lets you write RPC systems that "stream" many results back for a single message (not in the sense of a streaming JSON parser, but in the sense of many objects that are correlated). For example:

http-signature Reference implementation of Joyent's HTTP Signature Scheme

hubba A tool to build web services, sockets, and edit static files with automated testing and pipeline all through a browser.

hubba-adapter-file Hubba web service adapter that enables uploading/modifying/retrieving static files.

hubba-adapter-mysql Hubba web service adapter that enables interacting with a MYSQL database.

hubba-adapter-postgres Hubba web service adapter that enables interacting with a PostgreSQL database.

javelin Javascript API View Expression Language

kale A view templating language for your RESTful APIs.

ldapjs LDAP client and server APIs

manta Manta Client API

manta-nfs NFS Gateway for the Joyent Manta Storage Service

mantafs `fs` compatible API that caches/stages from Joyent Manta

micron-throttle Token bucket based HTTP request throttle for Node.js

nfs Node.js bindings for NFS

node-lol-client League of Legends API Client for Node

oncrpc Library for creating ONC RPC Node.js servers and clients

pooling General purpose resource pool API

progbar terminal progress bar

radedit Collaborative Development Framework

restify REST framework

restify-errors restify component (errors), extracted from "restify"

restify-mp mission public rest api

restify-plugin-body-parser restify component (plugin-body-parser), extracted from "restify"

restify-plugin-body-reader restify component (plugin-body-reader), extracted from "restify"

restify-plugin-fielded-text-body-parser restify component (plugin-fielded-text-body-parser), extracted from "restify"

restify-plugin-form-body-parser restify component (plugin-form-body-parser), extracted from "restify"

restify-plugin-gzip restify component (plugin-gzip), extracted from "restify"

restify-plugin-json-body-parser restify component (plugin-json-body-parser), extracted from "restify"

restify-plugin-multipart-parser restify component (plugin-multipart-parser), extracted from "restify"

restify-plugin-query restify component (plugin-query), extracted from "restify"

restify-request restify component (request), extracted from "restify"

restify-response restify component (response), extracted from "restify"

smartdc Client SDK and CLI for the Joyent SmartDataCenter API

smartdc-auth SmartDataCenter Authentication Library

swaggerfy Annotate Routes for Swagger API documentation

tab Unix-style tables for command-line utilities

tokenthrottle An asynchronous token-based throttle. E.g. rate-limit API access by token/IP.

tunnel-client Simple Proxy/Tunnel Client

zkplus The ZooKeeper API you always wanted

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