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0815 Och nee, nicht noch ein Built-Script…

1 Distributed pub/sub based in ØMQ

2csv A pluggable file format converter into Comma-Separated Values (CSV)

2lemetry 2lemetry toolkit.

a2p3 Node module for bulding Apps for A2P3 Proof of Concept

a2vh A commandline tool to quickly create vhosts for Apache2

abac Attribute based access control for Node.js.

abc-generator generator for abc

abc-web ui for abc

abc-web-core Core module for abc-web

abstract Abstraction of JavaScript Objects.

acetic an asset (pre-)compilation engine for node.js and express

acf ERROR: No file found!

acidpm AcidFarm package manager

acl An Access Control List module, based on Redis with Express middleware support

acmcc-node-spritesheet Sprite sheet generator for node.js

acre Admin CRUD, and REST generator for Node.js

actionhero actionhero.js is a multi-transport API Server with integrated cluster capabilities and delayed tasks

activator simple user activation and password reset for nodejs

active-sender A node.js library for sending e-mail through multiple providers.

active-user Easily track daily, weekly, and monthly active users with Redis.

activedirectory ActiveDirectory is an ldapjs client for authN (authentication) and authZ (authorization) for Microsoft Active Directory with range retrieval support for large Active Directory installations.

activity-engine WARNING: This project is still in alpha, use with caution.

acute Modular build management for client side javascript applications.

adamvr-geoip-lite A light weight native JavaScript implementation of GeoIP API from MaxMind

adbkit-logcat A Node.js interface for working with Android's logcat output.

adbkit-monkey A Node.js interface to the Android monkey tool.

adc-pi-gpio Using an ADC with a Pi

addepar-connect-less Forked from connect-less and updated LESS version dependency

admin A generic, modular admin interface for node

admin-forms2 backoffice with mongoose

admin-with-forms admin for mongoose and not mongoose projects which uses forms

adroit A CQRS and Event Sourced architecture for node.js

advtxt An engine for text-based adventure games.

ae86 Old school static website generator.

aerobatic-yoke yoke is your developer control column for building nimble web apps on the [Aerobatic]( platform. With yoke you have the power to:

agile-workflow a super agile workflow engine

agileworkflow a super agile workflow engine

ags-download Download data from ArcGIS server as geoJSON

ahcli Node.js command line client for actionHero

aida xml build tool write in Node

aiml Artificial Intelligence Markup Language lib for Node.js

air-drop Utility for packaging, manipulating and delivering JS and CSS source to the browser

airfair A tool for getting a fair fare.

airtunes an AirTunes v2 implementation: stream wirelessly to audio devices.

aj-klein-capstone-project a Sails application

ajector Asynchronous dependency injector

ajs-xgettext Extract localised text from AJS templates

akamai Communication with Akamai's CCUAPI

akashacms A content management system that generates static websites.

akashacms-booknav A plugin for AkashaCMS that generates book style navigation frames

akashacms-linkshare A plug-in for AkashaCMS to access Linkshare Product API.

akashacms-skimlinks A plug-in for AkashaCMS to access Skimlinks Product API.

ake A build tool

alajs nodeJs mvc framework

alamid Framework for realtime apps that run both on the server and the client.

albot Automated Leverage Box Operation Tool

albumkit Tool to download Picasa web albums.

alchemymvc MVC framework for Node.js

alinex-make Helper commands for development of npm packages.

aliyun aliyun oss service nodejs service

alpaca EIP for Node.js, influenced by Apache Camel

amazon-products A node.js module to crawl product IDs from Amazon.

amazon-queue A more idiomatic interface to Amazon SQS

amazon-reviews A node.js module to crawl product reviews from Amazon.

amd-args Generate function arguments from AMD `define([..], function (omg_lots_of_stuff_in_here) {..})` calls

amd-builder A service that builds bundles from AMD projects resources

amd-optimize An AMD (i.e. RequireJS) optimizer that's stream-friendly. Made for gulp. (WIP)

amdee Converting CommonJS modules into AMD format

amdify Amdify converts your node.js code into browser-compatible code. For example

amerigo rsync wrapper to keep remote and local directories in sync.

amqp-coffee AMQP driver for node

amqp-dsl Amqp-DSL - Fluent interface for node-amqp

amt Node API for Amazon Mechanical Turk

ancestor find the lowest common ancestor in a directed, acyclic graph

anchor Recursive validation library with support for objects and lists

anchor-validator Combination of waterline validation and Mike's Recursive validation library with support for objects and lists

android-udev A generator which creates udev rules of all available Android vendors.

angelscripts-nodeapps ## app Daemonize applications with suppot for retrieving their status and to persist their output.

angular-project Creates a basic Angular JS Project setup with coffee script and sass with Twitter Bootstrap.

angular-server Express WebServer for Angular applications

anidb Basic AniDB requester. Supply your own clientid.

ann IRC bot made to announce and for convenience.

annotext A attribution engine for NodeJS

another-circuit-breaker An implementation of the Circuit Breaker pattern in Node.js, now with plugin support!

ansi-logview View ANSI encoded output in browser for multiple log files

anthpack anthpack

antifreeze Client-side MVP framework.

antr Asynchronous Node Test Runner

anvil Benchmark suite for hammertime.

anyfetch-file-hydrater Create file hydrater for AnyFetch.

anyfetch-provider Create providers for Anyfetch.

ape API documentation generator with github-flavored-markdown output

ape-utils utils for APE API

apeman Evolutional web framework

api_botnik_com New read me

api-client-limiter Simple function wrapper queuing and limiting the number of calls to a function. Ideal for Rest API call limiting compliance.

api-facade A library that simplifies the exposure of data through REST interfaces in a secure, scope dependent way. Basically transforms internal data into whatever a client of your API has the right to see.

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