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bagofholding An uncursed bag of various node.js utility functions.

bagofrequest A bag-of-holding containing request utility functions.

baio-amqp simple amqp client

baio-mongo Little helper library for native nodejs mongodb driver

bake static file bakery

bake-js Composing Small Javascript Libraries, Homebrew Style

balmung Web tools for optimizing images

banker Downloads transactions and balances from online banking websites using Zombie.js.

banoffee E2E testing for your node.js web app, using Selenium, ChromeDriver, Mocha, SauceLabs, ...

baproof Tool to prove how many bitcoins someone controls. Intended for use as part of the blind-solvency-proof scheme.

barb Bitcoin arbitrage bot

barbeque Redis-based task queue library for Node.js, inspired by Celery and Kue.

barrels Simple DB Fixtures for Sails.js

bas Behaviour Assertion Sheets: CSS-like declarative syntax for client-side integration testing and quality assurance.

base A lightweight micro web framework that build on connect.js and written in CoffeeScript.

base12 app platform for node.js, built on express 3

bashpack packs a nodejs project into a single bash file

basic-server a full featured express based server that can function as a good base for your Node/Express based web-project

basics Basics are nice Express defaults

bass Object Document Manager for Node.js

bass-migrations Migration library for BASS

bass-mongodb MongoDB Adapter for Bass.js

bass-nedb NeDB Adapter for Bass.js

bass-sql Bass.js adapter for SQL databases

basset Website performance sniffer. Uses phantomjs and netsniff.js to perform multiple tests and display averaged results.

bassmaster Batch processing plugin for hapi

batch-importer Database Batch Importer

batchsky A http Batch API server with support for chunked-streaming.

baton An orchestration tool powered by conservatory

bauhausjs A modular CMS for Node.js

bayezid Simple implementation of bayesian network on Node.js framework

bbio Enables SPI and UART (serial tty*) hardware ports on the BeagleBone Black

bcbf (B)ar(C)ode (B)rute (F)orce

bcs.client a read-through cached API client for the BCS-460/462 series of brewery automation controllers with high level abstraction

beatbox Fully asynchrone modular application framework for Node.js.

beautiful-docs A documentation viewer based on markdown files

bedecked Turn markdown files into html presentations you can share from dropbox

bee xml build tool write in Node

beerjson simply represent a brew recipe with json.

beetea-server beetea is a super lightweight framework to build APIs with stantdard and custom REST and security policies

behere Node framework with plugin support for easy development... more like an aggregator.

beholder Robust cross-platform file watcher

benbria-build This is a tool for building projects using [Ninja]( It assumes your project follows a certain layout.

bench-rest bench-rest - benchmark REST (HTTP/HTTPS) API's. Node.js client module for easy load testing / benchmarking REST API' using a simple structure/DSL can create REST flows with setup and teardown and returns (measured) metrics.

benchdb CouchDB ODM

benchmarx HTTP-based side-by-side benchmark framework

benchpress No fuss benchmarking

benchy Node.js benchmarking framework

benjamin bitcoin trading for the rest of us

benji Simple asynchronous benchmarks

berliner The lightweight web framework

beruntung Today is better than yesterday

besync Utils for async operations on js objects.

betfair Betfair JSON API

betfair-sports-api Betfair Sports API for Node

betty betty is a command line utility for uploading static websites to s3.

bf-cli betfair command line interface with simple trade processing

bff Browserify Friend - it's as if browserify was built into the browser.

bhave Behave Node SDK

bigml Node bindings for BigML.

bigpipe Bigpipe a radical new web framework for Node.js that's inspired by Facebook's bigpipe concept.

bilder-aws aws tasks for bilder

bilder-reporter report deployments via slack, hipchat & gmail

billy-builder A set of grunt tasks used by Billy's Billing

binary-cookies Binary cookie file parser

bindable-schema ```javascript

bip API and graph resolver for the bipio content pipeline.

bip-pod-facebook Facebook Pod for Bipio

bipio API and graph resolver for the bipio content pipeline.

birdy Static asset anti-package management.

biscotto A CoffeeScript documentation generator.

bitc-configurator BITC computer configuration utility

bitcoin-block-extractor blockextractor ==============

bitcoin-nanopayment Send probabilistic Bitcoin nanopayments

bitfactory Lightweight JavaScript make.

bittorrent-client Simple, robust, streaming bittorrent client.

bittorrent-dht-byo A middle-level library for interacting with the BitTorrent DHT network. Bring your own transport layer and peer logic.

bizrules Business Rules Engine

blackjack A simple blackjack server with client.

blacksmith A static site generator built with Node.js, JSDOM, and Weld.

blad A forms based node.js CMS ala SilverStripe, but smaller

blarg A markdown-based blog toolkit

ble-ble113a Library to run the Bluetooth BLE113 Tessel Module.

block-file A library to read/write blocks from a file

blog-request A node.js module getting a blog type and proper html from popular blogs using redirection or frameset.

blogit Minimalist Node.js blog engine using Markdown and Git for storage.

blogman An easy-to-use blog engine for developers.

bloguito A very small blog engine.

blproof Blind liability proof tool

bluemix Node.js helper module for IBM BlueMix

bmp085-sensor A module to interface a BMP085 temperature and pressure sensor to the raspberry pi.

bmrest-docker Automatic documentation creation for the Bmrest library

bna build node app

bob Convention-based build tool for node.js projects.

bogart Fast JSGI web framework taking inspiration from Sinatra

bogart-cors Bogart (written by Nathan Stott) now has CORS - however, the npm entry for Bogart has not been updated to reflect this. Once Nathan publishes the latest version of Bogart to npm, this package will no longer be necessary.

boilerpipe A node.js wrapper for Boilerpipe, an excellent Java library for boilerplate removal and fulltext extraction from HTML pages.

bokeh A blazing-fast task queue built on Node.js and ZeroMQ. is a lightweight framework for building high performance Realtime Single Page Apps.

bones-boiler Test playground bones features and setups!

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