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arango-api WARNING: This module is no longer maintained! Use `request-json`, `request-proxy` or one of the other arango clients instead.

boots twitter bootstrap cli

clientside a tool for converting CommonJS style code into code for the browser

confi a simple configuration library

express-bundle an express library to split up your application into multiple sub-apps (bundles)

ghpage A cli tool to generate a one page site for your project to host on github pages

logr a simple logger/debugger

markx a command line markdown + syntax highlighter with live preview

masher asset util

obs-model Extensible observable models.

obs-model-validation Observable model validation.

revalidator-model Simple validatable models with revalidator.

stalk cli/lib for watching directories for changes

supermodel A model/collection library for node and browser

thrive A base class that gives you event proxy, inheritance and object arguments

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