Packages depending on aws-sdk

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3vot-cli 3VOT Command Line Interface to run development task from the command line.

active-sender A node.js library for sending e-mail through multiple providers.

albot Automated Leverage Box Operation Tool

amazons3-files-copier Node.js module to copy a group of files stored in a bucket or path in AmazonS3 to another bucket or path

anrim-dynamodb DynamoDB data access object

as-replace-instances Safely replace all instances in AWS AutoScaling Group

asqs-mdb asqs-mdb is an application for handling Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) messages and saving into a MongoDB database.

aws-cleanup This project helps to terminate/delete all the resources in a given AWS account.

aws-cli Command Line Tools for Amazon Web Services

aws-command-stack execute flexible series of dependent AWS api calls

aws-commons A collection of small utilities to manage AWS services and actions

aws-curl A cli tool to curl ec2 boxes

aws-dns Virtual DNS server for Amazon EC2

aws-ec2 A tiny little module for managing ec2 instance from node

aws-promise content-aws ===========

aws-s3-size Simple module to calculate folder size in S3.

aws-ses-mail Convenience tool for AWS SES

aws-setup A Node Module and Command Line Tool for initializing AWS setups via JSON, YAML or JS scripts.

aws-sqs-stream AWS SQS library written using node.js streams

aws-swf A Node.js library for accessing Amazon SWF

awsm node-awsm =========

awsm-o AWSM-O helps you with automating AWS instances

basin Deploy sites to Amazon S3

beetea-server beetea is a super lightweight framework to build APIs with stantdard and custom REST and security policies

bitstupid The most minimal personal status service

boltbus Distributed message bus powered by AWS

bucketful Deploys websites to Amazon S3

bunyan-sqs Stream node-bunyan logs to a SQS queue

caisson Deploy your static website to AWS

cargomaster Intelligent, fast and reliable asset management for Express on Node.js

cdn-sync deflate / synchronise assets to a CDN

cfn-config Quickly configure and start AWS CloudFormation stacks

cinovo-loganalyzer-aws AWS SQS sourcepoint and SNS sire for cinovo-loganalyzer.

cinovo-logger-aws AWS SQS or SNS endpoint for cinovo-logger.

cli-s3-app-pusher A cli tool designed to help developers push their static apps to s3

cloudrunner Run commands based on your cloud

cloudstats AWS cloudwatch metrics plugin for hapi

cloudwatch Simple Cloudwatch Pre aggregation module for Node.js

cloudwatchd A CloudWatch metric collection daemon

co-aws AWS extenstion for CompoundJS

co-aws2 AWS for generators with co

common-mq Abstracted message queue client for node.js supporting multiple message queue providers.

concurixjs Node.js Real-time Visual Profiler and Debugger

concussionjs-core The web app platform for the impatient hacker

connect-dynamodb DynamoDB session store for Connect

connect-dynamodb-persistent-session DynamoDB session store for Connect

connect-fineup-s3 Connect middleware and express routes for saving fineuploader uploads to s3.

couchdump dumps couchdb databases to disk (aka make backups)

cowork job queue backed by AWS

cron-messenger A cron-like tool that dispatches messages on fixed schedules.

db Easy access to dynamo, ds, mongodb, redis

dino A simple DynamoDB object modeler for Node.js.

dpd-ses [Deployd]( resource module for sending emails via Amazon AWS SES

draccus Writes messages from SQS to S3

dydb Command line tool for AWS DynamoDB

dynamite promise-based DynamoDB client

dynamo-flu Fluent interface for dynamo db

dynamocmd AWS dynamodb command line utility

dynamodb-eventstore Store events in AWS DynamoDB

dynamodb-model Elegant DynamoDB object modeling influenced from MongoDB and the Mongoose API

dynamokv Wrapper to use dynamo as a simple key-value

dynamoose Dynamoose is a modeling tool for Amazon's DynamoDB (inspired by Mongoose)

dynasty Dynasty - Promise-based DynamoDB API

dyngodb An experiment (alpha) to get a MongoDB like interface in front of DynamoDB

dynoga **Dynoga** is a light library for use DynamoDB with javascript objects

dynomite Simple ORM for AWS DynamoDB

dynostore Dynamo db wrapper for the jepso-ci schema

dynupdate-aws NodeJS module to update no-ip and submit your AWS instance IP as a dynamic dns update request

e-mail Email by Bowery is a really easy to use layer around popular mail services.

easy-swf Easier way of using AWS Simple Workflow

ec2-instance-data recursively retrieve ec2 instance data via http.get

ec2-instance-lister List IP addresses of ec2 instances having a certain keyword in their name

ec2sync Sync EC2 hostnames to your local hosts file

excess High-Performances Reactive Web Application Framework

fetch-upload-s3 fetch an asset (a picture for instance) from a remote server and upload it to S3 (and remove the local copy). Or upload a local file on S3

gdoc-to-s3 This library has been deprecated and become [turntable]( Please use that instead.

ghost-s3 S3 file module for Ghost blog

gi-security gi-security -------------

grasshopper-core Core modules for the grasshopper data management system. A DMS is a layer that sits on top of a database that makes working with the data easier for both administrators and developers.

grunt-asset-monitor Grunt task to analyse and log simple metrics of static assets to Amazon CloudWatch.

grunt-aws A Grunt interface into the Amazon Node.JS SDK

grunt-aws-s3 Interact with AWS S3 using the AWS SDK

grunt-aws-sdk bridge between grunt and aws-sdk

grunt-cloudfront AWS CloudFront cache invalidating grunt task.

grunt-ec2 Grunt tasks to create, terminate, and deploy to AWS EC2 instances

grunt-invalidate-cloudfront Sends a invalidation request to amazon cloudfront

grunt-s3deploy Copy files to s3, using aws-sdk

gulp-cloudfront > Updates the Default Root Object of a CloudFront distribution

gun Graph engine.

hapi-mail Email plugin for Hapi.js

hatchet Send user activities into logstash

hive-cluster AWS-Cluster Engine

hubiquitus-amazon Hubiquitus discovery system for Amazon

hubot-asgard Asgard API wrapper for Hubot with utility functions for launching Asgard instances.

hubot-route53 A Hubot script for interacting with AWS Route53

iamhard simply manage aws iam users, groups, and policies. a task which is unusually hard and unpleasent

iced Simple backup tool that uses node to talk to Amazon Glacier

im-framework Innovative Metrics Node Framework

job-broker A broker to add jobs to queues and specify workers to process them

keydb Key/value data/query API to use on the server and in the browser.

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