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adapt-core adapt namespace core

adorn Backbone.Model formatting extension

airbrite Airbrite API wrapper

airfair A tool for getting a fair fare.

allouis-core allouis namespace core

amoeba-storybook Amoeba Storybook is a package used to create animated css3 presentations

amygdala Amygdala browser library

archai of-course, the cosmos is alive

artsy-backbone-mixins A library of Backbone mixins that DRY up some common domain logic and Artsy API rabbit holes..

back-on-promise Model relationship library for Backbone using promises

backbacon Get bacon.js event streams from Backbone models

backbone_bootstrap Bootstrapping development code for Web Development using Backbone.js

backbone-articulation Backbone-Articulation.js enhances Backbone.js model attributes with object serialization and deserialization.

backbone-assembler Plugin for Backbone that makes it easy to manage nested views

backbone-associate Presumtionless model associations for Backbone.js

backbone-associations Create object hierarchies with Backbone models. Respond to hierarchy changes using regular Backbone events

backbone-auto-save-form View for saving data as form changes

backbone-autocomplete Backbone Autocomplete view made with browserified projects in mind

backbone-base-and-form-view Create an organized hierarchy of views and subviews with Backbone.BaseView and highly extendable forms with Backbone.FormView

backbone-basics Backbone support library

backbone-bindings Bi-directional bindings between Backbone.View elements and Backbone.Model attributes

backbone-bites A collection of handy micro-extensions to the built-in Backbone classes

backbone-blueprint Create object hierarchies based on json schema

backbone-cache-sync A server-side adapter that caches Backbone.fetch requests using Redis.

backbone-callbacks Anonymous callback style interface for Backbone.js async methods

backbone-class Backbone Class is the missing 'Backbone.Class' in Backbone.js which provides clean JavaScript class inheritence via the Backbone.extend pattern

backbone-computedfields Computed fields for Backbone models

backbone-couch Backbone.js sync for CouchDB

backbone-cradle Backbone.js sync for CouchDB using Cradle

backbone-dataloader # Instructions

backbone-daybed Generic wrappers around Backbone-Forms for Daybed models

backbone-db Key-Value database storage interface, localStorage and in-process implementations

backbone-db-cache Caching support for backbone-db

backbone-db-elasticsearch Elasticsearch driver for backbone-db

backbone-db-mongodb MongoDB driver for Backbone.Db

backbone-db-redis Redis driver for Backbone.Db

backbone-deep-model Improved support for models with nested attributes.

backbone-define ExtJS style class definition for name aware Classes

backbone-delta Detect and apply changes on Backbone.js models

backbone-dnode Persistant backbone storage through dnode pub/sub

backbone-documentmodel A plugin to create entire Document structures with nested Backbone.js Models & Collections with deep model references and event bubbling.

backbone-dynamodb Backbone.js sync for DynamoDB

backbone-events-promises Adds promise functionality to Backbone.Events.trigger()

backbone-extend Customizable Backbone inheritance.

backbone-faux-server A (tiny) framework for mocking up server-side persistence / processing for Backbone.js

backbone-filtered-collection Create a filtered version of a backbone collection that stays in sync.

backbone-forms A flexible, customisable form framework for Backbone.JS applications.

backbone-getset Getters & setters for your Backbone models

backbone-grease Slicker chaining for Backbone's collection Underscore methods.

backbone-handle Put down your jquery selectors and get a handle on your views' DOM elements.

backbone-helper Handles your view/model/collection instantiations for you

backbone-hitch Lightweight framework built on top of backbone

backbone-hoodie hoodie data bindings for backbone models

backbone-hooksync Get the CRUD out of your app. Define functions for Backbone.Model create, read, update and delete.

backbone-http An HTTP interface for BackboneORM

backbone-hypermedia Backbone plugin providing support for following hypermedia controls from Backbone models and collections.

backbone-idb Backbone IndexedDB adapter with cross browser support via IDBWrapper

backbone-indexeddb An backbone adapter for indexeddb. Useless for most people untile indexeddb is ported to the browser

backbone-loading Loading indicator for Backbone network requests

backbone-local-storage backbone-local-storage ======================

backbone-mediator Dead simple Mediator for Backbone.

backbone-model-factory Provides a factory for generating model constructors that will never produce multiple instances of a model with the same unique identifier. Very useful for sharing model instances across views/modules.

backbone-modelref Backbone-ModelRef.js provides a mechanism to respond to lazy-loaded Backbone.js models.

backbone-mongo MongoDB storage for BackboneORM

backbone-mysql A sync module for Backbone.js and Node.js for use with MySQL

backbone-nested A plugin to make Backbone.js keep track of nested attributes.

backbone-nowjs Backbone connector for nowjs

backbone-on-express Backbone for node

backbone-once One-off events for Backbone.

backbone-orm A polystore ORM for Node.js and the browser

backbone-pageable A pageable Backbone.Collection superset. Supports server-side/client-side/infinite pagination and sorting.

backbone-paginated-collection Create a paginated version of a backbone collection that stays in sync.

backbone-plus An improved Backbone.js. For use with Browserify.

backbone-postgresql A storage adapter for PostgreSQL when running Backbone.js on the server

backbone-pouch Backbone PouchDB Sync Adapter

backbone-presenter Make your model data presentable.

backbone-promises Adds Promises/A+ support to backbone model and collection

backbone-properties use Backbone.Model attributes as plain object properties

backbone-query Lightweight Query API for Backbone Collections

backbone-redis Persistant backbone storage through redis pub/sub and

backbone-rel Provides one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-one relations between models for Backbone

backbone-relational Get and set relations (one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one) for Backbone models

backbone-relationships Convienient and fast backbone relationships and attributes

backbone-rels backbone-rels [![Build Status](]( =============

backbone-rest A RESTful controller for BackboneORM

backbone-revisited Persistant backbone server/client MVC with rest backend

backbone-schema Forced schemas for Backbone models.

backbone-sdb Backbone.js sync for SimpleDB

backbone-server Creates a Backbone.Server object which interfaces between Backbone, Socket.IO and Express.

backbone-set-event Triggers an event on backbone collections when Collection.set() is called

backbone-signal A rich Signal & Slots api using Backbone.

backbone-sockjs A storage adapter for syncing client-side Backbone.js models with server-side ones

backbone-sorted-collection Create a sorted version of a backbone collection that stays in sync.

backbone-sql PostgreSQL, MySQL, and SQLite3 storage for BackboneORM

backbone-typed Run-time type support for backbone models

backbone-validation A validation plugin for [Backbone.js]( that validates both your model as well as form input.

backbone-validator.js Backbone model validator allows you to define validation rules for model and utilize it for model-standalone validation or bind its events to the view so you can display errors if needed.

backbone-view-manager Manage Backbone View to prevent zombie view and reuse existing view. NPM package of the following javascript:

backbone-view-options A mini Backbone.js plugin to declare and get/set options on views.

backbone-virtual-collection Use Backbone.Marionette CollectionViews on a subset of a Backbone collection

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