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asn1.js ASN.1 encoder and decoder

base58-native An Implementation of Base58 and Base58Check encoding using bignum library.

bc-rsa bc-rsa

bignum-json BigNum support in JSON

bitcoinjs Implementation of Bitcoin's peer-to-peer layer for Node.js

bitcore Bitcoin Library

bleacon A node.js library for creating, discovering, and configuring iBeacons

buffermaker buffermaker is a convenient way of creating binary strings

collectjs Collectd's binary wire protocol implementation in NodeJS

cosign Bitcoin Transaction Tool

druuid Date-relative UUIDs

dulcimer An ORM for keystores

ethereum A node implementation of Ethereum

fash A consistent hashing library for node

fibonacci Calculates fibonacci numbers for one or endless iterations. Using the bignum module, it can return numbers of any size! Instead of being limited by the hardcoded JavaScript Number.MAX_LIMIT.

heartbleed.js Extract server's private key using Heartbleed

id_translator Translate internal integer IDs to safe public identifiers

insight-bitcore-api An open-source bitcoin blockchain API. The Insight API provides you with a convenient, powerful and simple way to query and broadcast data on the bitcoin network and build your own services with it.

int-encoder a simple utitlity to encode and decode ints from a predefined alphabet

int-packer Pack integers into bigger integers

ip2location-nodejs IP2Location geolocation component

kafka-zookeeper A high-level client library in Node.js for the Apache Kafka project with Zookeeper integration

kafkazoo A high-level client library in Node.js for the Apache Kafka project with Zookeeper integration

libcoin Bitcoin Library

modeler-twitter twitter backend for modeler functional entity system

money-math bignum-based arbitrary precision operations on currency amounts "XXX.YY"; because floats are BAD for representing money

mongoose-shortid Short Ids for mongoose

number-script Ordinal JavaScript

pokemonxy Library with various useful pokemonxy functions

prozess Prozess is a kafka library for Node.js

rationalnestedset rational nested set tree encoder

readable-kafka-batch-stream A stream for reading from a Kafka queue using a low-level Kafka consumer (no zookeeper).

simpleflake Distributed id generation for the lazy.

srp Secure Remote Password (SRP)

stratum-pool High performance Stratum poolserver in Node.js

sysvelf An Executable and Linkable Format (ELF) parser.

tarantool High-level Tarantool driver for node.js

tweetslurp Backs up tweets to a JSON file.

webmoney Client for WebMoney

xor xor buffers

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