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bitcoin-p2p Implementation of Bitcoin's peer-to-peer layer for Node.js

bitcoinjs Implementation of Bitcoin's peer-to-peer layer for Node.js

bitcore Bitcoin Library

bittorrent BitTorrent peer implementation

cursory compute the relative cursor position on a terminal stream

dbus-native D-bus protocol implementation in native javascript

dbus-promised D-bus protocol implementation in native javascript, promises fork

decompress-zip A library for reading data from zip files

ethereum A node implementation of Ethereum

gearman Client library for Gearman

gearman-js gearman client and worker library

gearman2 Client library for Gearman

git-remote API for pushing/fetching objects to/from git repositories

grunt-aco2less A grunt plugin used to create .less variables out of .aco files.

hoard node.js lib for storing time series data on disk, similar to RRD.

hoarder Collect and explore time-series metrics using HTTP.

kafka-node node client for Apache kafka, only support kafka 0.8 and above

kafka0.8 Kafka 0.8 client for Node.js

libcoin Bitcoin Library

nibbit NBT encoder and decoder

nibbit-nolong NBT encoder and decoder

node-cdblib Asynchronous reading from a Constant Database (CDB)

node-modbus NodeJS implementation of MODBUS protocol

prox Hookable socks5 proxy client and server.

prozess Prozess is a kafka library for Node.js

rfb Implements the client-side of the rfb protocol that vnc uses

rio Integration with Rserve, a TCP/IP server for R framework

rserve-client A stateful client for Rserve, the TCP/IP server for R framework.

telnet Telnet implementation for Node.js

th-scan-hub-rpi TicketingHub Raspberry Pi ScanHub Client

ts3sq Simple TeamSpeak 3 ServerQuery

tty2js convert .tty file to .js file for playing with ttyreplay

unzip Unzip cross-platform streaming API compatible with fstream and fs.ReadStream

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