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animationframe (request|cancel)AnimationFrame analog for the desktop

aplus A native, barebones Promises/A+ implementation.

apoxusbcan Apox Controls USB-CAN module driver

bcrypt A bcrypt library for NodeJS.

bdb-fork-grimen Berkeley DB(5.X) bindings for node

bitcore Bitcoin Library

bluetooth-serial-port Bluetooth serial port communication for Node.js

boosh spawn a window and draw stuff using the html5 canvas api"

buffer-dispose Incredibly unsafe way to free a Buffer

celt NodeJS native binding to CELT

cocaine Node.js framework for Cocaine platform

collection Node.js cross-platform native collection library

contextify Turn an object into a persistent execution context.

coremidi interact with CoreMIDI services on Mac OS platforms

couchbase The official Couchbase Node.js Client Library.

craziness Memory management through JavaScript

csr Read csr file

ctags A package for reading source code tag files

custom-object Override object's methods without harmony proxy

dbstore Node.js bindings for Berkeley DB 6.x

deasync Turns async function into sync via JavaScript wrapper of Node event loop

downer-rangedel A native LevelDOWN plugin providing a rangeDel() method

duktape Duktape for node.js

dxt Bindings for the squish DXT compression/decompression library

engine.js A scriptable task engine

epoll A low-level Node.js binding for the Linux epoll API

evermore Make processes run evermore.

fdb Node.js bindings for the FoundationDB database

ffi A foreign function interface (FFI) for Node.js

ffi-prebuilt A foreign function interface (FFI) for Node.js - PREBUILD

ftdi FTDI bindings for Node.js

function-inspector function inspector

function-name Set the "name" property of `function` objects

galois Native module for math with galois fields

gaze A globbing wrapper built from the best parts of other fine watch libs.

gc A thin pseudo-wrapper around the v8 garbage collector.

gdbm gdbm for node.js

geoip GeoIP binding for node

gestureworks Gestureworks Node Bindings

getdns getdns bindings for Node.js. Requires getdns 0.1.1 or above.

getrusage C++ Port of Unix getrusage for getting cputime, usertime and other process information

gif A C++ module for node-js that converts RGB and RGBA buffers to a GIF images (in memory).

git-utils A package for using Git repositories

gles2 node bindings for opengl es2

graphicsmagick2 Bindings to the graphicsmagick library

groove bindings to libgroove - generic music player library

guardtime GuardTime signing service access/verification API for node.js

hashring A consistent hashring compatible with ketama hashing and python's hash_ring

heartbleed.js Extract server's private key using Heartbleed

hiredis Wrapper for reply processing code in hiredis

hiredis-solaris Wrapper for reply processing code in hiredis(works with solaris)

histo histo stream bindings for node.js

houdini Node.js bindings for Houdini, a text escaping library by GitHub.

httpp Run http over udp with node.js

i2c Native bindings for i2c-dev. Plays well with Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone.

ibm_db IBM DB2 and IBM Informix bindings for node

inchi International Chemical Identifier (InChI) for node.js programs

jit.js JIT assembly generator for node.js

jitterbuffer NodeJS binding to Speex Jitter Buffer

keccak-hash node-keccak-hash ===============

keytar Bindings to native Mac/Linux/Windows password APIs

kyotocabinet-node kyotocabinet bindings for Node.js

lambertjs Lambertjs is a wrapper to the lambert C library.

lame NodeJS native bindings to libmp3lame & libmpg123.

launchctl Native bindings to launchctl commands

lemur OS X MIDI playback engine for node.js based on Core MIDI

leveldown A Node.js LevelDB binding, primary backend for LevelUP

leveldown-basho A Node.js LevelDB (Basho fork) binding, primary backend for LevelUP

leveldown-hyper A Node.js LevelDB binding, primary backend for LevelUP (HyperDex fork)

libcoin Bitcoin Library

libdtrace Solaris libdtrace bindings

libetpan Node bindings to libetpan

libspotify Node bindings to the libspotify C library

libxmljs libxml bindings for v8 javascript engine

llvm Bindings for the LLVM compiler infrastructure

lmdb A Low-level, LevelDOWN-compatible, Node.js LMDB binding

lp_solve A Node.js binding for lp_solve

mappedbuffer Mapped buffer by the mmap for Node.js

max31855pi Raspberry Pi driver for the MAX31855 thermocouple amplifier

memcpy Copies data between node Buffers and/or ArrayBuffers up to ~75 times faster than in pure JS.

mhash Provides 27 hashing algorithms: md5, md4, md2, sha1, sha256, whirlpool, crc32, etc. MacOS X requires Xcode to be installed.

microtime Get the current time in microseconds

microtime2 Get the current time in microseconds

midi MIDI hardware IO

monitr Node process monitoring tool

moses Moses Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) library for Node.js

mp3info NodeJS native bindings to mp3info.

mpg123n NodeJS native bindings to mpg123 'control_generic' command line interface.

mruby mruby for node.js

multi-hashing node-multi-hashing ===============

nan-bcrypt A NAN-ed bcrypt library for NodeJS.

nanomsg Node bindings for nanomsg

ndaemonize daemonize the process, especially for server process

netif Node wrapper for net/if.h

netroute Route table bindings for node.js

node-bj-bindings mdns/zeroconf/bonjour service based on agnat ++ txtRecord support

node-ffi A foreign function interface (FFI) for Node.js

node-murmur3 Node bindings to embedded Murmur3

node-proxy A module for node implementing __noSuchMethod__-type handlers, such as object overloading, as part of the Harmony Catch-All Proxies specification found at

node-python Call python stuff from nodejs

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