Packages depending on bindings

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node-stringprep ICU StringPrep profiles

node-stringprep-icu ICU StringPrep profiles

node-yoctopuce Yoctopuce device access library

node-zopfli Compress files with zopfli algorithm

nodetime-native Nodetime Native Tools

nodprof profiling for node.js using v8 natives

nrconsole 'syslog.h' bindings with a revised console module

nslog Cross platform native logging

number-smusher Combines two 32bit integers into a single 64bit integer string. Can also reverse it back out again

nwm Dynamic window manager for X11

odbc unixodbc bindings for node

ogg NodeJS native binding to libogg

oniguruma oniguruma regular expression library

pathwatcher Watch files and directories for changes

pcsclite Bindings over pcsclite to access Smart Cards

peerconnection PeerConnection ==============

pidaeus Node.js bindings for Raspberry Pi hardware interfaces.

pm-notify Power Management Notifications in node.js

portaudio Node bindings for PortAudio

pripub Working with RSA private/public keys in node.js

qrc Native bindings for libqrencode & libpng

quark-hash node-quark-hash ===============

quartz-display-services Quartz Display Services bindings

quartz-event-services Node module bindings for Apple's Quartz Event Services

rand48 Provides a seedable uniformly distributed random number generator for node.js, based on POSIX nrand48_r function

raspberrysensor Library for accessing various sensors via the bcm2835 library.

rconsole 'syslog.h' bindings with a revised console module

ref Turn Buffer instances into "pointers"

ref-prebuilt Turn Buffer instances into "pointers"

rocksdb A Node.js RocksDB binding, LevelDOWN-compatible (alpha release)

rtlsdr Node bindings for rtl-sdr

runas Run command synchronously with administrator privilege.

safari-push-notifications Helper methods for generating resources required by Apple's Safari Push Notifications (

sapnwrfc Bindings for the SAP NetWeaver RFC SDK

scep Node.js SCEP (Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol) module

scrollbar-style A package for detecting whether the scrollbar style is overlay or legacy

scrypt-hash crypto_scrypt binding for node

scrypt-jane-hash node-scrypt-jane-hash ===============

scrypt256-hash node-scrypt256-hash ===============

segfault-handler catches SIGSEGV and prints diagnostic information

serialport Welcome your robotic javascript overlords. Better yet, program them!

serialport-stream serial ports as streams

serialport2 node.js serial port driver.

setflags Set v8 command line flags at runtime

shacrypt Wrapper over sha256-crypt and sha512-crypt functions originally created by Ulrich Drepper

snappy Nodejs bindings to Google's Snappy compression library

sophia nothing to see here, move along

sophist A (maintained) Sophia binding.

sparkey Sparkey binding

speaker Output PCM audio data to the speakers

spellchecker Bindings to native spellchecker

spi JS Interface for the SPI bus

spi-trp JS Interface for the SPI bus

sse4_crc32 Hardware-accelerated CRC32 based on Intel Streaming SIMD Extensions 4.2

ssh A Node.js binding for libssh

syslogh Log to the system's Syslog. Provides simple native bindings to <syslog.h> and syslog(3). Works on Node v0.11.

taglib Simple bindings to TagLib

teddybear blocks the event loop without draining your cpu

threads_a_gogo ████ Simple and fast JavaScript threads for Node.js ████

time "time.h" bindings for NodeJS

timekit Time related C bindings

tlsnappy TLS module, but faster! ( [benchmarks][1] and [blog post][2] )

toobusy Don't fall over when your Node.JS server is too busy.

unix-dgram Unix datagram socket

unix-stream Unix stream socket

usage simple way to lookup linux process usage

usb-detection List USB devices in system and detect changes on them.

uvcf Allows running CFRunLoop in the same thread as a libuv run loop.

v8tools V8 profiler and GC bindings

varnam NodeJs bindings to libvarnam

vock VoIP on node.js 0.8.x

vorbis NodeJS native binding to libvorbis

vorbis-superjoe NodeJS native binding to libvorbis

walken Walk directories using fst_open

weak Make weak references to JavaScript Objects.

x11-hash node-x11-hash ===============

zmq Bindings for node.js to zeromq

zmq-stream A set of stream-based Node bindings for ZeroMQ.

zmq-trunk Bindings for node.js to zeromq

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