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bfs-tree-layout Index computations for balanced binary trees stored in BFS order

bit-interleave Interleaves bits

conjugate-gradient Conjugate gradient solver

detect-pitch Detects the pitch of an audio snippet

durand-kerner Finds multiple roots of polynomials using Weierstrass' method

gl-axes Renders axes for WebGL plots

gl-render-text Renders text to a WebGL texture

gl-texture2d WebGL texture wrapper

horner Evaluates polynomial

inorder-tree-layout Index calculations for inorder layout of balanced binary trees

least-common-ancestor O(1) least common ancestor queries for JSON trees

level-ancestor Finds the kth ancestor of a node in a JSON tree

ndarray-convolve Convolution and cross correlation functions for ndarrays

ndarray-fft FFT for ndarrays

ndarray-gaussian-filter Gaussian filter for ndarrays

ndarray-proxy Lazy ndarrays

ndarray-translate-fft Translates ndarrays using sinc interpolation

ndconvolve n-dimensional convolutions

ndfft n-dimensional fast Fourier transform for JavaScript

phase-align Finds patterns in ndarrays

qhull-js A port of qhull to JavaScript

raymarch Volume ray marching renderer

scratch Scratch memory

simplicial-complex Topological indexing for simplicial complexes

spatial-grid Computes closest points to meshes and polygons

static-kdtree A kdtree data structure

static-range-query Fast n-dimensional orthogonal range searches for static point sets

symmetric-tensor-eval Evaluates a multivariable polynomial

typedarray-pool Reuse typed arrays

voxel-crunch Simple run length encoding library

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