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auth0-widget.js Auth0 Login Widget

codingscene Web app for coding events, problems, contacts

diaglit Dialog builder by @lit_car, based on twitter bootstrap (unofficial ender port)

diaglit.controls diaglit controls library

drag a very small drag library for javascript

ender-bootstrap-base Ender version of Twitter's Bootstrap JS (Base)

ender-remove Monkey-patch bonzo to trigger a remove event when elements are removed from the DOM

ender-sc The most essential Ender packages served as a single node package

ender-tipsy Tipsy for Ender

ender-twitter-bootstrap *Unofficial* jQuery-less Ender port of Twitter's Bootstrap JS - original by @fat & @mdo

formwatcher Unobtrusively improve forms with JavaScript. Written for ender.

html-slides Minimalistic, HTML based presentations.

huk A library for generating HTML code.

HuK A library generating HTML code

jeesh The official starter pack for Ender.

littering ender based library for littering text with span markup, based on Lettering.js

more-jeesh A lightweight, ender.js bridge of simplified jQuery compatible methods.

opentip Free opensource tooltip class.

sender browser utility

skroller Skroll around

soma A hybrid client/server web framework

widget Basic DOM widget library for Ender

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