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amaca Webserver with http/https proxy to spawn applications. Using forever and for a multiprocess talking :-)

bouncer A service router that uses MDNS and bouncy to do magic!

cootie A simple multi-application manager for VPSs.

deployed Deployment system.

diversion A simple proxy for API versioning

fastforward Lightweight Reverse Proxy

fd-server a simple, efficient, convenient RIA development environment

flotilla Continuous deployment with a HTTP host router, based on Bouncy/Fleet/Seaport by @substack

freeway Reverse Proxy Server

mountie compose web servers behind host headers and mount paths

node-domain-proxy HTTP host router and static sites server

nserv Nodejs hosting and deployment

pdfer-router bounce api and web requests to the appropriate server for the pdfer service

ploy git push deploy http router, hosting branches on subdomains

proxify A simple http proxy server

raynos-testling write tests for browser code

service-router router to bounce requests to either api or web servers

servlet Single thread, multiple host node application server

testling write tests for browser code

wazproxy an HTTP proxy that automatically signs Windows Azure storage requests

wiki-server A Federated Wiki Server

zuul simple browser testing

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