Packages depending on bower

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2lemetry 2lemetry toolkit.

3vot-cli 3VOT Command Line Interface to run development task from the command line.

adapt-cli Command line tools for Adapt

amber-cli An implementation of the Smalltalk language that runs on top of the JS runtime.

anvil.bower Bower support for anvil

assemble-package-manager Utilities for managing packages.

autoclasscss CSS skeleton generator

axeman simplified git workflow

backapp ======= backapp =======

backbone-datarouter A router abstraction built with jquery-mobile, localstorage caching, and backbone collections in mind.

bacn Command-line tools for cooking a stack of Bacn.

basisjs-tools Developer tools for basis.js framework

bauhausjs A modular CMS for Node.js

betterlife Life Better Goal ====

bower-amd-dist Distrubute AMD-based libraries as single file Bower components

bower-checker Library for checking version before bower install

bower-clean Remove files (e.g. docs, tests, etc.) from installed bower component. For matching it uses minimatch.

bower-import install and import modules without fuss

bower-installer Tool for installing bower dependencies that won't include entire repos

bower-javascript-brunch Adds Bower support to Brunch for javascript files

bower-resolve Find the relative path name of a bower module, for use with browserify

bower-s3 Install bower packages directly to Amazon S3 buckets.

bower-stylesheet-brunch Adds Bower support to Brunch for stylesheet (css) files

bower-update Updates Bower components to the really latest versions.

bower2nix Generate nix expressions to fetch bower dependencies

bowerball Stream tarballs for bower components over HTTP.

bowinst Automatically install Bower component references into your HTML or Javascript files.

browser-lights Lights along the top of the browser, to give basic status information

burlesque Create slideshow presentations from git commits.

cade-meu-fretado App para sabe a localização do fretado em tempo real.

catjs (Mobile) Web Automation Framework

chk-bower-pkg check bower package is installed yet.

claymate Official helper scripts for the Gumby responsive framework.

conga-bower Conga.js bundle which wraps around Bower to install client-side dependencies

connect-bower Bower middleware

covis A [fun] project for visualizing your test code coverage.

crawlable-todos crawlable-todos ===============

debowerify A browserify transform to enable the easy use of bower components in browserify client javascript projects. This can be used in conjunction with deamdify to require AMD components from bower as well.

defcon A container for DEFCON modules

defcon-event-log Displays recent events via a web ui

defcon-plugins Displays the list of installed defcon plugins. It might one day show you which plugins to install. It probably wont allow you to install them automatically as then I'd have to worry a lot more about security.

djangorestframework-backbone-utils Django REST framework Backbone utils

docpad-plugin-bowermount DocPad plugin that mounts bower components in web server middleware

dynosrc Send static files to clients with patch files like what!

ember-cli Command line tool for developing ambitious ember.js apps

ember-crossfilter Instead of using Ember DataStore, EmberCrossfilter provides a basic architecture for creating Ember models with Crossfilter; which allows for much quicker sorting and filtering.

ember-droplet Ember HTML5 file uploading with drag & drop and image/file preview.

ember-rickshaw Rickshaw façade for Ember which allows automatic redrawing of graphs using Ember's observer pattern.

enyo CLI for EnyoJS

fetch-bower Companion to bower2nix to be used in the fetchBower fixed-output derivation

filer Node-like file system for browsers

fonzie Install Sass with Bower. Build it with Fonzie.

gardr-validator-web The Web ui for the garðr validator

generator-act Yeoman generator for UC Activity

generator-callum The Yeoman generator written and used by Callum Macrae (callumacrae) in front-end projects.

generator-cordojo A generator for Yeoman

generator-foundation-ext Zurb Foundation 4.3 generator that bootstraps default themes, is build ready out of the box, and has a CoffeeScript Gruntfile.

generator-recroom Takeaway web apps.

generator-release A release generator for Yeoman

generator-restangular A Yeoman generator for AngularJS apps with RestAngular

generator-steroids A Yeoman generator for Steroids

generator-xframework Yeoman generator for X-Framework

generator-yui3 A generator for Yeoman

genesis-skeleton Modern application skeleton - HTML5 Boilerplate + Angular + Express + Grunt + LiveReload + Bootstrap + Bower

google-cdn Replaces references to resources on the Google CDN

google-cdn-shahata Replaces references to resources on the Google CDN

granite A rock solid Node.js web framework

grill Grill

grunt-abricos Grunt plugin for Abricos Platform

grunt-bower Copy bower installed components to dist folder.

grunt-bower-clean Remove files (e.g. docs, tests, etc.) from installed bower components

grunt-bower-commands Grunt tasks for bower commands

grunt-bower-concat Automatic concatenation of installed Bower components in right order.

grunt-bower-config Bower Installer Task

grunt-bower-hooks Automagically wire-up installed Bower components into your RequireJS config

grunt-bower-inline-loader Grunt task to add assets from bower components or a user defined file set into html documents

grunt-bower-install-shopware Inject your Bower dependencies right into your HTML from Grunt.

grunt-bower-install-simple Grunt Task for Installing Bower Dependencies

grunt-bower-installer Install Bower packages.

grunt-bower-just-install Just Install Bower Components

grunt-bower-linker Link bower components to an folder.

grunt-bower-organiser Organises Bower components according to their types

grunt-bower-postinst Execute post install action on bower components

grunt-bower-require-wrapper Wraps files with requireJS define() statements for modules definition using bower installed dependencies or user specified ones

grunt-bower-seamless-install Grunt task to install bower components seamlessly through target dependencies.

grunt-bower-task Install Bower packages.

grunt-bower-verify > Install and test all your dependencies versions.

grunt-bowercopy Scrupulously manage file locations for bower dependencies.

grunt-bowerful Specify bower packages directly in grunt file.

grunt-browserify-bower Browserify bower libraries into a separate bundle

grunt-cmp-builder Grunt compiler for cmp components

grunt-concat-bower A grunt plugin to concat bower dependencies

grunt-google-cdn Grunt task for replacing refs to resources on the Google CDN

grunt-google-cdn-shahata Grunt task for replacing refs to resources on the Google CDN

grunt-phantomcss Plugin to do CSS regression testing via PhantomCSS.

grunt-polybrick Use polymer together with x-tags and vanilla custom elements.

grunt-smush-components Grunt tasks that takes all js and css from ./components and combines them. Does not use requirejs.

grunt-tusk Grunt based build system

grunt-version-copy-bower-components Version and stage Bower components for release.

gulp-bower Install Bower packages.

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