Packages depending on browserify

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mrchat a local chat server and client

mupee Mupee is a proxy between the update servers and your corporate Mozilla software.

muzzley-client The muzzley client library

mwater-form-designer mWater Form Designer

ncombo Cloud application framework

ncore Core library for your application

nexus-web web-interface for nexus

nice-package Simple async client-side resource bundling for Node.js

nimoy ▲▽ ::

node-interactivate Interactive code editing for node

node-topology canvas-topography =================

node-xmpp Idiomatic XMPP client, component & server library for node.js + browserify

node-xmpp-tmp Idiomatic XMPP client, component & server library for node.js + browserify

nodeconf2013 All the packages you'll need for NodeConf!

nodeQuery DOM manipulation from the server.

nof5 A tool which runs unit tests if a file has changed on the server in a browser

nombo Cloud application framework

nor-mvc Sendanor Model-View-Controller Module

noted-app A note taking app. Buit with node.js. Work in progress.

npm-amd Scans installed npm modules, browserifies them if they are not AMD, and produce a path object to be consumed by RequireJS and the like.

ocr.js Optical Character Recognition Engine for the browser

onecode Write the same code on client and server. At last.

openni-browser Server <-> Browser bridge for OpenNI skeleton.

opra Single page app builder

organic-webapp organic-webapp ==============

organic-webcell organic-webcell ===============

ourtunes Command-line tool to roll your own music player

paperclip controller logic:

papyr A single-page web app for visualising API references.

paqui Dead simple, packager-agnostic client-side package manager for component developers

parcelify Create css bundles from npm packages using the browserify dependency graph.

pasties-validator-web web-app for validating pasties

pdfer-fetch-imacros fetch details about a pdf document using the sha1 hash value

pellets Pellet templates for javascript

phantomify Browserify require in a PhantomJS

pho-devstack This is an EXPERIMENTAL SOFTWARE! Use it at your own risk. There will be BREAKING CHANGES and probably no documentation before 1.0, just installation instructions.

phone-sensor turn your phone into a sensor for great justice.

piping-browser Keep your code piping hot! Rebuild your client side code on change without binaries

polly-phil Provides AMD plugin (tested with RequireJS) to conditionally require polyfills; also provides browserify transforming plugin

power-assets Assets pipeline

pretty-select-style insert css for a prettier select

prova Test runner based on Tape and Browserify

proxydevserver Proxy dev server written in node This provides an HTTP interface to Unless you are programmatically calling, console is the only interface you care.

rabt Rally App Building Toolkit

racer Realtime model synchronization engine for Node.js

racer-bundle Create Browserify package for a Racer or Derby app

rake Javascript builder for components

rant Loud and obnoxious presentations designed to get your point across

rap-battle Terrible freestyle markov rap server

raynos-testem Test'em 'scripts! Javascript Unit testing made easy.

raynos-testling write tests for browser code

react-app-bundler React-app interface to browserify client code bundler

react-builder Tool to generate html pages based on facebook/react components.

react-server-example A very simple implementation of server-side React rendering

react-starter CoffeScript starter template in React.js as server/client application.

redis-commander Redis web-based management tool written in node.js

redshed A scheduler system backed by redis

requireify Browserify plugin to access all modules from browser console

rigger-browserify Rigger plugin to support the //=browserify instruction

right right =====

roots-browserify roots extension enabling the use of browserify

run-browser The simplest way to run testling type tests in the browser

rx-data Data processing and correlation. Async with RX.

rx-stats A set of stat functions that will run off of csv files.

rxjs-examples Hopefully a useful rxjs-example set.

sandcli Command line interface for sandjs, dependencies server and package requirement in node

sara A JavaScript framework that unites the server and client.

sassets node.js module to bundle assets for websites

scarlet-ioc A Javascript IoC container

scriptify Browserify inline script tags in HTML

selective-fastclick A very early hack together of FT's [FastClick]( with [DOM Delegate]( libraries.

serialportify Brings node-serialport to the browser via dnode.

serve-browserify HTTP handler for serving browserify bundles

serverify Runs browserify in a server

seshata generate an interactive api docs for your app

shampoo The ultimate Grunt Browserify task. Run once or watch files for changes. Uses a cache for super speed (instant builds). CoffeeScript support built in. Alias mappings. Shimming. Everything in one easy to use package.

sheetsee module for building out custom sheetsee.js instances

shove ERROR: No file found!

simudp dgram module for the browser thru a proxy based on

sj Declarative require for your DOM

slake-build-utils Build utilities for Slakefiles.

slidey-termy slides with images and terminals

smaller-asset-rack A (Smaller) Static Web Framework for Nodejs

smite Web development with a hammer.

snuggie http server to remote bundle a javascript program using browserify

soldair-jsla-leveltalk about the levels!

spc Copyright (C) Infinity

springbokjs-base Springbok Base, Gulp tasks

starch starch ======

static-app Build easy to deploy static browser apps.

stratus a web based programmer's text editor

stream-adventure an educational stream adventure

studynotes The website. AP Notes & College Essays. AP US History Notes.

synergy A web framework based on Knockout.js and Node.js

tabled Backbone UI component for building interactive tables.

tailgate Serve your music collection

tapedeck Run tap(e) tests that need a your browser!

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