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amqp-coffee AMQP driver for node

applyjs ApplyJS - Modular. Declaritive. Fun.

bson-ton BSON/MongoDB types for ton

deep-mongo mongodb driver (store) for deepjs

eventcast Events over multicast

jaydata-mongodb-driver A node.js driver for MongoDB

monckoose Mock your mongoose entities !

mongodb A node.js driver for MongoDB

mongodb-fs Mongo DB Fake Server

mongodb-objectid-helper A simple helper to determine if a string is a mongodb object id

mongodb-store The mongodb-store is an NodeJS implementation of the object store interface for mongodb, providing access to mongodb databases for [Persevere](, any other consumer that uses the object store interface (Dojo also uses this interface), and for direct interaction. This store supports RQL for convenient web-based querying that matches well with MongoDB querying capabilities.

mongodb-thesmart Smart's distro of a node.js driver for MongoDB

mongodb4haiku A node.js driver for MongoDB

mongoid generate mongo objectids, turn hex strings into objectids

mongomock mongomock =========

mongoose-form-factory-types More types for mongoose

mongopatch MongoDB patching tool

mongoson Stringifies query objects for pasting into the Mongo shell.

mongraph Mongraph combines documentstorage-database with graph-database relationships

node-rails-cookies Parse Rails 4 Cookies =====================

notrace Probing and monitoring library based on AMQP.

objectid mongodb objectid utilities

pow-mongodb-fixtures Easy JSON fixture loading for MongoDB. Makes managing document relationships easier.

shared Shared objects over MongoDB

short-mongo-id Short id generation from MongoDB ObjectId's

shorter-mongo-id Even shorter id generation from MongoDB ObjectId's

strider-webhooks Enables strider to fire webhooks based on certain events

tokumx A node.js driver for TokuMX (The MongoDB drive + transactions)

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