Packages depending on buster-core

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buster-args Parser for CLI arguments.

buster-assertions Assertions for any JavaScript test framework and environment

buster-bayeux-emitter Allows event-emitter events travel safely over a bayeux transport

buster-capture-server Buster capture server

buster-client Client libraries to interact with a buster-capture-server

buster-coverage Generate lcov data files from Buster.JS

buster-evented-logger An evented console logger

buster-format Tools for formatting JavaScript objects in a human-readable way

buster-glob Small wrapper around the glob module that allows globbing for multiple patterns at once

buster-istanbul buster extension for istanbul code coverage.

buster-multicast Multicasting server and client for node and browsers

buster-promise Lightweight implementation of thenable promises

buster-resources Virtual file systems for exposing files and other resources on e.g. web servers

buster-server Buster server

sinon-buster Sinon spies, stubs and mocks for buster-test

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