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appbuilder command line interface to Telerik AppBuilder

awsm-o AWSM-O helps you with automating AWS instances

beam Streams and Pipes revised for analytics

bower-npm-install [![Build Status](]( [![NPM version](]( [![Depend

bullshit mental javascript implementation of stanley.lieber's bullshit from plan9front

cold-sweat Massage csv data into a specific json format

dbus-native D-bus protocol implementation in native javascript

dbus-promised D-bus protocol implementation in native javascript, promises fork

dedup Remove duplicate identical files from a list.

dh A distributed hash. Simply a wrapper around the Redis hash.

dq A stupidly simple distributed priority data queue built on Redis.

eep Embedded Event Processing in Node.js

es-tar include `#include` extend-script file to standalone executable extend-script

geonames-postal-codes-import-nodejs Import Postal Codes from into a database

git-guilt Social blame tool for Git

glutenfree A profiler/loganalyzer for nginx/Cetrea Aw.

gulp-tsc TypeScript compiler for gulp.js

hyperloop hyperloop compiler

jsonstream The reference JSON Stream implementation

jsontocsv Convert lines of JSON data to CSV

line-conf Easy way to manager an text config file.

node-tsv-json convert tsv to json

nodecec A cec-client wrapper for node.js

pico A Smaller CouchDB Client

pimatic A home automation server and framework for the raspberry pi running on node.js

pork An improved fork() that doesn't keep your process alive.

rehearsal Persist standard input to a file, then simulate real-time program execution.

roat Continuous integration server

taginator Creates 'tags' files for vim automatically in the background.

tick node-compatible v8.log processor

tsv-to-json TSV to JSON convertor

ub-ria-tool CMD tools for union biz ria systems

what-mac Return the details of a Mac (or group of Macs) from a CSV of serial numbers.

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