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byteslice Simple way to concat and slice arrays through bytewise encoding and decoding.

byteup Add bytewise as a levelup leveldb encoding

bytewise-hex Support for leveldb/levelup bytewise encodings in hex format

code-music-studio design musical algorithms

couchup A CouchDB implementation on top of levelup.

dscape-mind-explosion-database DATABASE FOR DSCAPE TO TEACH CHILDREN!

firedup A node.js implementation of firebase based on levelup

foreign-key group and reduce rows for foreign key relations for sorted key-value stores like leveldb

idx collection of composable indexes written in javascript

inverted-index inverted-index for level with pagination, sift3/cosine distance and tf-idf ranking

level-assoc relational foreign key associations (hasMany, belongsTo) for leveldb

level-immutable LevelDB/Levelup immutable history and database snapshotting based on ideas in datomic

level-indico Simple indexing and querying for leveldb

level-match-index Index and filter LevelDB databases and watch for future changes.

level-microblog A simple microblog app build on leveldb/levelup

level-orm Simple ORM built on leveldb/levelup

level-search universal search for leveldb

level-sleep Database for storing, cloneing and replicating SLEEP compatible data stores.

level-version Versioned data for levelup.

map-reduce map-reduce on leveldb

pushdb A programmable database with document storage and unique indexing capabilities.

range-index levelup based range index

subindex Generic pluggable indexing system for leveldb/levelup. Designed to be used with the level-queryengine query engine.

vnhr virtual node hash ring

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