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amd-ish AMD style wrapper for node modules. Exposes factory via define.amd.factory for easy unit testing.

arsenic-logger Simple, easy to read log statements with stack trace in Node.js. Now supports the ArsenicLogger cloud logging service.

better-assert Better assertions for node, reporting the expr, filename, lineno etc

better-expect Assert-style excepetion handling for better errors

browserify-middleware express middleware for browserify v2

cassert C-style assert for javascript and coffee-script, in node.

cclog A simple but powerful logger module. Support colors, line number, file

centaur Distributed messaging framework

cluster-role A wrapper around the native Node 'cluster' built-in, that provides a convenient interface to start up multiple workers of different roles by configuration

config.js simple library for retrieving per-file configuration data

console-plus Logging with filenames and line numbers

console-trace Adds a handy `trace` flag to the console object to prepend the file and line number

debug-trace Adds a handy `trace` flag to the console object to prepend the file and line number

debuggable Listen to objects.

dependency-injection Dependency injection with configuration and autowire for node js and browser

di-modules Simple helper to create module specification objects for di

dysf.utils Custom dysfunctional utilities for node.js

easy-configuration Simply extensible loader for json config files

errloc Error logger

express-orm-mvc Express + ORM MVC

foreverize A tool for allowing a process to automatically foreverizing itself

get-callsite-dirname Get dirname of the callsite's module

gossip Distributed messaging framework

hotload Hot load (hot require) for NodeJS. It's like JRebel but for NodeJS.

local-version A "package.json" version number fetcher for local Node module installations. Async and sync.

metalogger Node.js logging for grown-ups: a versatile logging wrapper that leaves you the choice, but removes the pain. Inspired by Apache Commons Logging

module-loader-tdd Module loader that lets you test each module with private methods and stubbed dependencies

myconsole replace the console object to prepend the file and line number, time, show in colors

needle-di Lightweight Dependency Injection

nodejs-console console for nodejs

nodejs.console console for nodejs

regis Particular test runner

require-folder ERROR: No file found!

rfile Require a plain text or binary file in node.js

rho-contracts Racket-style Higher Order Contracts in Plain Javascript

sitegen Static site generator using React

soop Soop up your JavaScript.

superconsole Prepends handies informations before your logs as you wish.(timestamp, callsite, loglevel)

trace-current Get the stacktrace for the current position.

transform The ultimate transformation/build/compilation middleware/command line/etc. system for node.js

translator Translator for node and also for browser

unixy ERROR: No file found!

wood Logging library

yacon Yet another colored console logger.

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