Packages depending on canvas

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ansi-canvas Render a <canvas> node to your terminal

ansi-vnc terminal vnc client

assetgraph-sprite AssetGraph plugin for creating sprites from background images

automated-screenshot-diff Automated Screenshot Diff - Continuous Safe Deployment Made Easy

barc Library for creating 1D barcodes with node.js. Backed by node-canvas.

barcode-generator Library for creating 1D barcodes with node.js

benchmark.js-plot Render benchmark.js results to a plot

browser-badge generate browser version compatibility badges

caat CAAT for Node.js

caman Javascript (Ca)nvas (Man)ipulation for NodeJS and the browser

canvas-browserify wrap canvas module so the same code works in node or browser

canvas-plotter Plot graphs using canvas

canvas-to-pixels Convert canvas actions into pixels

canvassmith node-canvas engine for spritesmith

canvasutil Pixel transformations and processing for canvas

canvg A port of canvg, which pareses svg input and renders the result to a canvas.

canvgc A port of canvg & jscanvas, which pareses svg input and outputs js code to reproduce on a canvas.

captcha Simple captcha middleware for Connect

captcha2 captcha version 2

captchagen Captcha generator

carapace Manipulate images with JavaScript

chutney-status chutney status icons library for nodejs

ci-badge browser ci badge

cloud-graph Cloud topology visualization

code-art create blocky modern art from code

color-graph Get color graph of canvas

color-thief A script for grabbing the color palette from an image. Uses Javascript and the canvas tag to make it happen.

component-prebuilder A Component builder that handles various preprocessors.

connect-favicon-canvas Connect middleware for dynamically generating favicons and other server-rendered images

coops-demo Up to date documentation ========================

couleur A node.js port of color-thief.js library by lokesh -

coverage-badge Generate fancy code coverage badges.

css-sprite css sprite generator

curator-cli Terminal version for Generate word clouds in JavaScript.

db-charts A lightweight module for streaming dynamically generated charts as PNGs.

drawback The drawback framework provides a seamless way to render 2D drawings on the client side using HTML5 technologies with a server-side backend.

ebnf-diagram Generates png diagrams from Extended Backus–Naur Form (EBNF) grammars

escapes.js nodejs version of escapes.js to write ansii art png files

etch-a-sketch A simplified interface for node-canvas ;)

f7u12rl Replace faces in any image on the web with rage faces

fabric Object model for HTML5 canvas, and SVG-to-canvas parser. Backed by jsdom and node-canvas.

fabric-lablr Built on top of fabric.js by Juriy Zaytsev <>

face-detect A pure-JS facial detection library

fakesome Easily create colossal amounts of fake data

fire-engine 2d top-down adventure client-server multiplayer game engine

flat-fermata MusicXML engraving javascript library using Vexflow

fomulaking show fomula with latex

gameboy gameboy emulator by grantgalitz

genart Generative art with canvas.

get-image-data A browser/server utility that extracts RGBA data from images.

gh-badges GitHub badges implemented in SVG.

goggles Peek at images from the command line

grunt-tight-sprite Tight 2D packing of images into a sprite with a corresponding CSS.

gulp-sprite gulp task for creating image sprites and the corresponding stylesheets

heatmap canvas heat maps for node and the browser

heatmaps Library for node canvas based heatmaps

hello_text_kmbaby a hello world package

hexagony Calculate a hexagonal grid

histogram Provides a histogram data structure of png, gif and jpeg images using canvas. This library works in the browser as well

histogram-papandreou Provides a histogram data structure of png, gif and jpeg images using canvas. This library works in the browser as well

html-rfc Format IETF RFCs and Internet-Drafts as HTML

httplaceholder Node.js server that renders PNGs of varying sizes

hugh-detector detect the color red in an image

icon Convert an image to thumbnails suitable for favicon, metro tiles, touch icons.

icosahedron-draw renders points of an icosahedron

identicon Identicon Generator on Node.js

iff-parser Parses Amiga IFF files

image-resize-stream A streaming interface for resizing image buffers in node

imagediff JavaScript Canvas based imagediff utility.

img-canvas-helper Render an image with modified dimensions and/or cropping using node canvas module (requires Cairo)

img-placeholder this is and connect/express middleware for generate a placeholder image.

imgpk makes one image from several images

infogra Infographic Modeller & Viewer

karma-jasmine-imagediff A Karma plugin - adapter for Jasmine Imagediff matching framework.

kittydar Cat detection

leaflet-headless Leaflet for node.

led-matrix-sender led matrix sender ===

legicon Node.js-based GitHub-like Identicon implementation using Keccak32.

line-graph very simple line-graph

mapstitch Stitches map tiles together

maptile Node module for fetching, storing, and generating map tiles for use in Leaflet, Google maps, etc.

mass based on [MCSS--a css preprocessor to setup your css struct](

md5flag Generates a "free speech flag" based on input.

migr Fills foreign citisen arrival form required by federal migration service of Russia is a multiplayer sandbox which allows to easily setup AI-controlled entities.

nchart nChart for node.js inspired by Chart.js.

ngraph.fabric Fabric.js graph renderer

node-captcha captcha generator for node.

node-ccss Create Css Sprite

node-dxf-to-png Transform a DXF into a PNG

node-easel node wrapper for EaselJS, utilizing node-canvas.

node-nes A Node.js NES emulator.

node-sprite-generator Generates image sprites and their spritesheets (css, stylus, sass, scss or less) from sets of images. Supports retina sprites. Provides express middleware and grunt task.

node-topology canvas-topography =================

node-untile Combines map tiles into a large map

node-waveform ![Node waveform image generator](/docs/example.png)

nodeNES A JavaScript NES C6502 compiler

nodetiles-core Joyful map rendering with Node.js.

nodetiles-core-cache Joyful map rendering with Node.js, with disk caching.

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