Packages depending on canvas

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nopo task-based build tool for web project

nude Nudity detection for Node.js

paper The Swiss Army Knife of Vector Graphics Scripting

patterncaptcha Android like pattern matching captcha system for your node webapps.

phog-descriptor Pyramid Histogram of Oriented Gradients (HOG) descriptor extractor

pickuploot Simple express-based image uploader with simple github auth.

pingen generate map pin images

place-img Generator placeholder image

printlet Generate static images from tiles and draw suff on top.

processing Processing.js for Node.js

qcanver Canvas API wrapper and some useful functions.

qr-js Library for QR code generation using canvas

qrcode QRCode / 2d Barcode api with both server side and client side support using canvas

qrcode-emitter Emits QR codes found in an image stream.

qruri NodeJS port of Kang Seonghoon's qr.js

red-locomotive ERROR: No file found!

resemble Image analysis and comparison

retina CSS based image scaler

retricon create indenticon-like visual hashes styled like Github and Gravatar (retro) avatars

riding-web Riding-web [![Build Status](]( ======

roslib The standard ROS Javascript Library

smartcrop-cli Command line interface for the smartcrop library to provide content aware image cropping.

spac cli client in node.js

sprightly Sprightly reads multiple images, writes a sprite, and writes CSS to simplify using that sprite in a browser.

sprite CSS sprite sheet generator

sprite_generator Take a directory of images and outputs a spritemap where each row of images corresponds to a numbered list of files and a json file detailing the pixel locations and number of frames for each sprite

sprite.styl Stylus mixins for generating image sprites.

spriteasy This tool reads multiple images via configuration file or commandline arguments and writes sprite images and stylesheet files to simplify using that sprite in a browser. This tool also provides a posibility to compile less files and merge all generated stylesheet information into one big stylesheet.

spritegen Sprite generator that takes a root directory and recursively combines all images into a sprite and style sheet.

spriter CSS sprite sheet generator

sproot spritesheet generator

stylus-sprites Stylus sprite sheet generator

superhero superhero is a api wrapper/spider of NPM

svg-mapper Tool to slice big, annotated SVG into WebMercator tiles

svg2ctx NodeJS module for converting SVG files to Canvas context instructions

svgsprites Node js tool to generate sprites of both standard images and svg images

tableimage convert image to HTML table A caching server for easily writing transformations against remote resources: munge, reformat, scrape, cache and rebroadcast stuff.

tailor CSS Sprites Generator

tessel-canvas canvas output for tessel

tessel-cli a tile cli

thief Color thief hacked to work with node

three.js Three.js for Node.js

ti-welder Welds images for Titanium SDK projects

tilenik a geojson & cartoCSS tile renderer

tortu AJLogo command line interpreter

traces-graph Pretty graphs for traces

trazar A xunit chart image generator intended for continuous integration purposes.

tsp NodeJS module for preprocessing Typescript sources and Embed Libraries

tuer,a diary web site

twod 2d cross browser rendering library

universal-canvas small wrapper to use canvas across environments easily

vbench visual benchmarking with node-canvas

vega Vega Runtime

viff Find virtual differences between web pages in different environments(developing, staging, production) and browsers.

waveform-thumbnail ![Node waveform image generator](/docs/example.png)

xcb-canvas Uses node-canvas to render directly to an XCB drawable. In other words native application that uses canvas API

zademlia A module for growing contextfree (cfdg) style results, including sprite objects. Does not actually render. Just returns shapes to be output.

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