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alfred In-process key-value store

amqp-watcher A tool to get and send messages from an amqp server from the command line

auxilio-backend The server responding on auxilio chrome extension

benjamin bitcoin trading for the rest of us

brood A container for spawn, provides the ability to manage and communicate with spawned child_processes

caf_ardrone Cloud Assistants lib to interact with ARDrone hardware

clam-js Control a ClamAV daemon over TCP or Unix Domain Sockets.

couchdb2s3 Export CouchDB databases to line oriented json files on s3

dyngodb An experiment (alpha) to get a MongoDB like interface in front of DynamoDB

ejstags Creates tags file for JavaScript source code.

factual-api-tester factual-api-tester ==================

file-extractor Extract data from text files or log files using regular expressions.

fugue Unicorn for node

grunt-particles-assetmanager An asset manager for the Particles platform, based on Grunt

hubot-capistrano Allows deploy flow through capistrano

ircdjs An IRCD for Node

jazzy Web framework which makes your apps swing

jsproplist Print property names used in a JavaScript source file

jssc JavaScript serial connection library that uses Java(!)

jssc_korusys Modified version of jssc module which is a JavaScript serial connection library that uses Java. Edited by Korusys to provide raw data instead of a string. Full credit to OP! see jssc for original (

lake a very oppinionated make-based build tool for complex and modular web applications that run on NodeJS

live-template-installer Command line utility for automatically installing live templates to Intellij or Webstorm

m3u8parse Structural parsing of Apple HTTP Live Streaming .m3u8 format

mailer-fixed send emails from node.js to a smtp server, simple as cake

mylocker A personal enterprise data locker

node-webmon A utility to poll webpages regularly, and/or stream data from a raw socket or server. All received data is logged into postgresql.

pigsty-sguil Pigsty output for sguil.

simonjs The best project ever.

spooky Drive CasperJS from Node.js

stackvis stack visualization tools

supervise-adapter ERROR: No file found!

tab Unix-style tables for command-line utilities

tapchat The TapChat IRC bouncer

timestamper A tiny tool that adds timestamp prefix to each piped line.

vrml2svg This is a really bad VRML parser.

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