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7geese The 7Geese command line utility.

a2vh A commandline tool to quickly create vhosts for Apache2

adapt-cli Command line tools for Adapt

advpng-bin advpng wrapper that makes it seamlessly available as a local dependency on OS X, Linux A platform to facilitate the building of experiences in the Internet of Everything.

aperture Local dependencies helper

apln CLI tool for Appland. A UI development framework.

asciify Plain text awesomizer. A hybrid npm module and CLI for turning plain text into ascii art.

assemble-boilerplate Boilerplate for Assemble, the static site generator for Node.js, Grunt.js and Yeoman.

assemble-contrib-decompress Assemble plugin for extracting zip, tar and tar.gz archives.

assemble-contrib-download Assemble plugin for downloading files from GitHub.

assemble-yaml Utility library for working with YAML front matter. Works with or without Assemble.

assetgraph-builder Build system for web sites and applications

asterisk CSS docuemnt generator.

async-walker Async, recursive directory walker with helpers

awesom0 An IRC bot that responds to custom user scripts.

awesomebox-cli CLI for awesomebox

axeman simplified git workflow

baidu-zhixin-sdk For ecom fe to develop template

barkeep Serve the contents of a directory and livereload those that change.

basis-data An async data retriever for Basis B1 tracker

basisjs-tools Developer tools for basis.js framework

blackjack-cli The highest stakes blackjack

bower The browser package manager.

bower-auth The browser package manager (with authrc support for private projects)

bower-canary The browser package manager.

bower-requirejs Automagically wire-up installed Bower components into your RequireJS config

bower-update Updates Bower components to the really latest versions.

bowinst Automatically install Bower component references into your HTML or Javascript files.

bro-js An implementation of bro pages ( for node

broccoli-es6-import-validate A Broccoli plugin for validating es6 imports

broccoli-es6-transpiler Transpile ES6 to ES5

browserstack-runner A command line interface to run browser tests over BrowserStack

buttle Serve static files from cwd

ccal cal for command line.

cha-cli Cha CLI Application.

chalk-logger Wraps chalk in console logger for node.

changelog Command line tool (and Node module) that generates a changelog in color output, markdown, or json for modules in's registry as well as any public repo.

chewer The browser package manager.

cl-strings > String template system for multi-colour console output with interpolation.

clogged clogged-cli ===========

clu Manage your node cluster. With zero downtime

coffeelint-stylish Stylish reporter for CoffeeLint runtime

cogs [![Build Status](](

commandment Commandline for node.js

coolog Colorful logging in NodeJS.

coolog-appender-logentries logentries appender for coolog

copydep Copy only main files of dependencies to another place.

crudgoose A CRUD generator for mongoose.

crushit CrushIt is a commandline tool for crawling web pages and compiling scripts

csv-report Converts time tracking data from CSV to PDF

cyberhobo Offline `git push` and `npm publish` for cyberhobos

divshot-cli CLI for Divshot

divshot-upload Upload app files to Divshot

dnspod-cli a tool for test dnspod tools

doxstrap JavaScript documentation generator based on JSDoc syntax, Dox parser, Twitter Bootstrap CSS, and Prism syntax highlighter

droppy Personal cloud storage with a speedy HTML5 interface.

dysf.utils Custom dysfunctional utilities for node.js

easy-exec Because I keep copying and pasting this all over the place like some kind of animal.

edp-core [![Build Status](]( [![Dependencies Status](](

edp-watch Package for edp watch.

edp-webserver Package for edp webserver.

elasticsearch The official low-level Elasticsearch client for Node.js and the browser.

ember-cli Command line tool for developing ambitious ember.js apps

envcheck Yeoman environment checker

eslint An Esprima-based pattern checker for JavaScript.

eslint-stylish Stylish ESLint formatter (reporter)

etcd-registry Service registry for Node.js on top of etcd

feedback Fancier console.log for Node.js cli apps

ferro Ferocious Error Handling

fixgit Small command line utility to make a github repo use the SSH git@github... syntax instead of the syntax.

foundry Release manager for npm, bower, component, PyPI, git tags, and any plugin you can write

gemini UI Screenshot testing utility

generator-act Yeoman generator for UC Activity

generator-actcmp UC Activity Component Generator

generator-alopex Alopex cli tools

generator-amd-build Yeoman generator

generator-amp-publish-plugin A Yeoman generator to create a convenient scaffolding for AMP Publish plugins and screens.

generator-an Generates browserify friendly angular applications

generator-angoo A AngularJS, RequireJS, Bootstrap, jQuery stack project Yeoman generator. It comes with livereload and all APIs set throught RequireJS

generator-angular Yeoman generator for AngularJS

generator-angular-components Instant scaffolding of your Angular library

generator-angular-cordova Yeoman generator

generator-angular-fullstack Yeoman generator for creating MEAN stack applications, using MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node

generator-angular-jade-stylus Yeoman generator for AngularJS with Jade and Stylus

generator-angular-juice Yeoman generator for AngularJS with Express server

generator-angular-mongodb-login Extends Yeoman generator for AngularJS and includes a sub-generator to scaffold user login page backed by MongoDB. NOTE: this is just an idea for now; if you like/need it star the project and I'll be happy to put more hours into it.

generator-angular-php Yeoman generator for AngularJS with a PHP backend. Based on generator-angular. /api is redirected by grunt-connect-proxy to the PHP built-in server using grunt-php

generator-angular-rails-proxy Yeoman generator for AngularJS with proxy for rails dev mode

generator-angular-require Yeoman generator for AngularJS using RequireJS

generator-angular-stylus-jade Yeoman generator for AngularJS, Jade & Stylus [Development Version based on genertor-angular]

generator-angular-wixapp Yeoman generator for AngularJS based App Market application

generator-angularfire Yeoman generator for angularFire (Angular + Firebase)

generator-angularjs-superstack Another AngularJS Yeoman Generator with an opinionated twist.

generator-appfog An appfog setup generator for Yeoman

generator-applesscss Generador de una aplicacion base o esqueleto para empezar a trabajar con: LessCSS, Normalize, Jquery y Angularjs.

generator-appmaker Yeoman generator

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