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aged Small utility returning grunt file filter by last modified age

available-versions Returns a promise with new versions higher than given for a npm module

behind-times Recursive number of updates per project

boggle Boggle grid solver

boomcatch Standalone beacon server for boomerang.

changed Fetches changes for a given module

clean-console Quickly loads remote url in phantomjs to check of JavaScript console errors

complexity-report Software complexity analysis for JavaScript projects

csv-load-sync Sync loading of a small .csv file

deps-ok Fast checking of top level dependencies based on version numbers

dirty-water Measures JavaScript "dirt" in HTML / EJS / AngularJs template files

escomplex Software complexity analysis of JavaScript-family abstract syntax trees.

escomplex-ast-moz Mozilla-format AST walker for escomplex.

escomplex-js Javascript wrapping library for escomplex.

find-testers Finds testers in given country with matching devices

find-testers-cli Finds testers by country and device command line tool

ggit Local git command wrappers

grunt-clean-console Quick JavaScript error sanity check for deployed pages

grunt-help Runs the program with --help option, captures output for documentation

grunt-jshint-solid Analyzes your .jshintrc settings file to see how strict they are

grunt-nice-package Opinionated package.json validator

gt JavaScript native QUnit runner with code coverage and multiple extensions

http2udp Forwards HTTP requests to UDP sockets.

iframeable Checks is website is safe against iframing and clickjacking attack

ioboard Provides a standard interface to boards capable of IO (e.g. Arduinos, Maestros, Raspberry Pis, etc) and their firmware

js-complexity-viz Javascript complexity tool

jsc Javascript complexity tool

jshint-solid Tells how solid your jshint settings are

matrix-paths Finds all paths in the 2D matrix

matrix-paths-zolmeister Finds all paths in the 2D matrix

mongoose-crate Attach files to MongoDB models via Mongoose.js

mongoose-crate-gcs mongoose-crate StorageProvider that uploads files to Google Cloud Services

mongoose-crate-imagemagick Perform imagemagick transformations on image files

mongoose-crate-localfs mongoose-crate StorageProvider that stores files on the local filesystem

mongoose-crate-s3 mongoose-crate StorageProvider that uploads files to Amazon S3

next-update Tests if module's dependencies can be updated to latest version

next-update-stats Collects anonymous nodejs module version upgrade statistics node.js API wrapper

node-hash Hash data structure

npm-utils Async NPM shell commands

paths-tree Creates tree of objects from a collection of file paths

prefix-dictionary Checking words by prefix tree

proud Collects NPM download stats for a developer

proud-badge Badge generation for NPM downloads by author

proud-connect Connect server generating NPM downloads badges by author

pub-sub A small library that implements pub/sub in JavaScript.

req-count Module requirement counter, outbound and inbound

set-gravatar Change Gravatar profile image from Nodejs

slides-now-node Stand alone presentation from local .md file using slides-now engine

solid-code JavaScript code quality front-end

status-gravatar Sets my Gravatar profile image depending on the status of my projects

test-next-updater Simple NPM module with dependencies for testing

todo-format Finds all TODO items in given file, reports error if they don't follow given regexp

untested Orders tests for a source code change based on code coverage analysis.

wantsit Super lightweight dependency injection

xplain Generates API documentation / markdown inserts from unit tests

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